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ISO Photo Book Test Method Now Available

A new ISO standard describing test methods for photo books issued on November 13, 2018. While this standard, ISO 18948:2018, stops short of providing a specification for long-term permanence,  it does provide specific test methods that manufacturers can use to … Continue reading

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Beer for Any Occasion

I was in charge of organizing an ISO meeting on image permanence and durability in Chicago, and one of the members had offered to brew beer for the occasion. A plain brown bottle wouldn’t do. I took a couple of … Continue reading

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It’s not too hard!

For the past twenty years, I have worked with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop standards for the photographic industry. All too often, the standards group comes to the conclusion that because too many factors are involved, it is too … Continue reading

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October 14 is World Standards Day

October 14 is World Standards Day. Celebrate! Seriously, international standards ensure high quality products by bringing together experts from various organizations to develop standards for high-quality products. ISO Standard are important for standardizing products and test methods in all industries. … Continue reading

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Annual Testing Ensures Photo Safety

If a particular material or product meets the requirements of this ISO standard there is no assurance that subsequent lots will have the same physical qualities or contain ingredients of the same chemical inertness. All materials or products shall therefore … Continue reading

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Photo Safety, the ISO, and Change

As Chair of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Committee responsible for photo safety among other things, I have a great deal of concern when someone dismisses the photo safety requirements with “we are…not going to keep up with the … Continue reading

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Pick the Perfect Paper

Here is what to look for in photosafe paper for use in scrapbooks with digital and conventional photos. Bleed-resistant – Colored paper should not transfer dyes under wet or humid conditions. Check this one yourself by placing the paper in … Continue reading

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More Photo Books to Avoid

Photo books made with true photographic paper, such as those available at, do not follow international standards for photo storage and are vulnerable to moisture and high humidity. As such, they fall on my list of Photo Books to … Continue reading

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Sticky Alternatives

I hadn’t noticed it before but 3M is promoting the photo-safety of their adhesive  products. According to the boxes, permanent double sided tape and Magic Tape comply with ISO 18916. ISO 18916 is the Photographic Activity Test designed to ensure … Continue reading

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Cardboard Photos

DeepSquare Prints are now available from Static Pixels. These prints use UV-cured inks to print photographs directly on recycled cardboard. According to Static Pixels, DeepSquare Prints are vibrant, smart, and green. Their web site shows a photo of a bride, … Continue reading

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