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Creative Memories Announces Memory Disposal Service

Creative Memories has announced a new service, Memory Flush™, to help customers deal with unpleasant memories. In partnership with Kohler and American Standard, Memory Flush will safely dispose of failed relationships, former friends, and flawed family members. The new service … Continue reading

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Create Controversy with “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Introduce controversy into your Christmas album with “Baby It’s Cold Outside” stickers. The song, which has been banned from many radio stations due to its unsuitable lyrics that promote date rape, is available as a sticker in the Creative Memories … Continue reading

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CM Introduces New Natural Disaster Albums

Due to continued global warming and the resulting increase in natural disasters, Creative Memories announced today that they are introducing a new line of Natural Disaster Albums. According to Creative Memories, “These new albums provide our customers with the means … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Senator Franken and Senator Klobuchar

Dear Senator: I am writing to you as a former employee of Creative Memories and as a former participant in Creative Memories ESOP retirement plan. Creative Memories was a scrapbooking company based out of St. Cloud, MN. Creative Memories went bankrupt … Continue reading

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The Peter Principle and the Paternal Instep

The Peter Principle characterizes corporate promotions in that competent employees are frequently promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. This Principle applies in all circumstances but is particularly relevant to family businesses, where the Paternal Instep allows family members … Continue reading

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Could Creative Memories Press have saved Creative Memories?

The last project I worked on at Creative Memories was a plan to manufacture digital photo products for other vendors, taking advantage of the Creative Memories Manufacturing and Distribution Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Creative Memories produced high quality photo books, … Continue reading

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Why I write about Creative Memories

Every time I write an article about Creative Memories, I get a few comments back along the lines of “The old CM is in the past….it’s history. Let it go and move on! There’s no need to keep digging up … Continue reading

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20 Cognitive Biases that Screwed Up Creative Memories

Creative Memories (yes, I know there is a company that currently uses that name, but that is not the company I am talking about) suffered a painful collapse as it was unable to adapt to changes in the marketplace, including … Continue reading

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Youngevity Introduces New Line of Essential Oils

Youngevity has just announced a new line of essential oils called Our Oils For Life (OOFL). These oils are acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered. They come in a photo-safe, PVC container and comply with the latest standards for unsupported medical claims. According … Continue reading

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Creative Memories in the Movies

In 2006 at the peak of scrapbooking popularity, Wes Thomsen directed and wrote the movie Scrapped. Scrapped included Creative Memories and the technology behind Creative Memories’ products, as well as a number of stories highlighting the importance of scrapbooking and memory … Continue reading

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