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The Truth

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Some time you will need to release your anger and get on with your life. Joyce [Comment in response to Creative Memories Wins PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction] … Continue reading

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Dr. Mark’s Guide to Photo Safety

Photo safety is a complex subject and it is difficult to know what to do about it. Here, in one concise list are my recommendations for Ahni, Zoe, Creative Memories, Our Memories for Life, and anyone else concerned about photo … Continue reading

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Annual Testing Ensures Photo Safety

If a particular material or product meets the requirements of this ISO standard there is no assurance that subsequent lots will have the same physical qualities or contain ingredients of the same chemical inertness. All materials or products shall therefore … Continue reading

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Is 100% photo-safe the same as photo-safe?

Because 100% photo-safe and photo-safe are perceived differently, they are not the same. Here’s why. When Our Memories for Life promoted their albums as 100% photo-safe, my immediate response was you have to be kidding. How could they develop a product line … Continue reading

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Gang Warfare Continues

The battle between the Utah-based OMFL gang and the Minnesota-based Ahni and Zoe has heated up with Ahni and Zoe pulling pages out of OMFL’s scrapbooks. Ahni was reported to have said that it was so easy she couldn’t resist. … Continue reading

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How to identify PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, which is also called PVC, harms photographs. Yet, it is not always clear whether a specific product contains PVC, and labels may be misleading. One indication is that the plasticizer in some PVC products smells like a new car. A better … Continue reading

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Get the Straps Right

Both the hydrochloric acid released by the breakdown of the PVC, and the stabilizers, plasticizers and other additives used In the PVC materials, pose threats to the preservation of photographs stored in such photograph albums or scrapbooks. Under appropriate conditions, … Continue reading

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Photo Safety, the ISO, and Change

As Chair of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Committee responsible for photo safety among other things, I have a great deal of concern when someone dismisses the photo safety requirements with “we are…not going to keep up with the … Continue reading

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Embellishments in Scrapbook Photo Albums

What materials can safely be used in a scrapbook photo album? The answer to this question depends on what level of risk is acceptable. The safest tactic is too avoid anything that might potentially harm photographs; however this approach excludes … Continue reading

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