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CM Introduces New Natural Disaster Albums

Due to continued global warming and the resulting increase in natural disasters, Creative Memories announced today that they are introducing a new line of Natural Disaster Albums. According to Creative Memories, “These new albums provide our customers with the means … Continue reading

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Why is black paper so hard?

Black paper is one of the more difficult products to produce, or at least to produce well. Most black papers contain the ever-present carbon black, which is essentially soot produced from incomplete combustion of carbon containing materials. Carbon black is chemically stable … Continue reading

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Why I write about Creative Memories

Every time I write an article about Creative Memories, I get a few comments back along the lines of “The old CM is in the past….it’s history. Let it go and move on! There’s no need to keep digging up … Continue reading

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20 Cognitive Biases that Screwed Up Creative Memories

Creative Memories (yes, I know there is a company that currently uses that name, but that is not the company I am talking about) suffered a painful collapse as it was unable to adapt to changes in the marketplace, including … Continue reading

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Creative Memories in the Movies

In 2006 at the peak of scrapbooking popularity, Wes Thomsen directed and wrote the movie Scrapped. Scrapped included Creative Memories and the technology behind Creative Memories’ products, as well as a number of stories highlighting the importance of scrapbooking and memory … Continue reading

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Crazy for Scrapbooking – On the Road with Jason Davis

Get ready to scrap, crop and go wild with “On the Road” for scrapbooking in Minnesota! Come along with Jason Davis as he explores the first weekend getaway spot in Minnesota ever designed entirely for folks crazy for scrapbooking — their retreats are so popular, the place … Continue reading

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Creative Memories to Embrace Healthy Eating

In support of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to reduce childhood obesity, Creative Memories has announced that effective today all albums will be named after vegetables. “We want to encourage healthy eating, and what better way to do that than … Continue reading

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Happiness creates success; success does not create happiness. I had always assumed it was the other way around, but after reading Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage, I realize that is not the case. In fact, there are many things we … Continue reading

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Our Memories for Life Album Straps Now Photo Safe

Earlier this year, this blog published test results showing that the strap in Our Memories for Life (OMFL) albums was not photo safe and consequently their “100% photo-safe” claim was not correct. According to OMFL, the straps are now made … Continue reading

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Creative Memories, Costco, and KISS

We now know what has become of Creative Memories. New new re-branded Creative Memories (NNRBCM) remains a direct sales company, with a somewhat simplified career plan. Advisors get a discount and they can sign other advisors up under them. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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