Beer for Any Occasion

ISO American Aleedit_IMG_7854I was in charge of organizing an ISO meeting on image permanence and durability in Chicago, and one of the members had offered to brew beer for the occasion. A plain brown bottle wouldn’t do. I took a couple of old photos I had taken in Chicago and added some text. The resulting beer bottles are distinctive and serve to document the event. Some attendees even took their bottles home with them.

I used Artisan to add the text. While the program is intended for photo books and photo gifts, its flexibility, along with the ability to save and print the resulting design, makes it ideal for special projects.

TC42 WG5 Kolsch_revised

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Free Is Not Sustainable

Free_002It’s not particularly surprising, but free online photo products do not appear to be a sustainable business model. See


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Grocery ID Card

Grocery ID_002Very rarely do I support Trump, but I have to support his grocery ID card. I develop systems to produce IDs, driver’s licenses, and credit cards, and I like the expanded market. Everybody who buys groceries will now need an ID card.

I didn’t realize that grocery ID cards were even on the horizon, but the idea makes sense. The government needs to know who is buying too much sugar or consuming too much salt. Too much beef? Not any more. It’s all about healthy eating.

Along with the ID cards, we may need grocery police and a grocery store border enforcement patrol. We could even deport shoppers purchasing imported produce.

For more on Trump’s grocery ID see President Trump Said ‘You Need an ID to Buy Groceries.’ The Internet Went to Town and Trump Grocery ID: Best Twitter Memes & Reactions.

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Trump Baby sighted over Washington, D.C.

Trump Baby DC
36611262_10101642184625648_1424162390294921216_nThe U.K. is getting a balloon  to celebrate Trump’s visit. Something is wrong. Why is the balloon in London and not in Washington, D.C.?

Fortunately, this problem is easily fixed. Photoshop to the rescue. I removed Trump Baby from a photo taken in the U.K. and dropped him into a photo of the White House. Now Trump Baby can fly over London and Washington at the same time. Problem resolved.

For more on Trump Baby see Trump ‘angry baby’ blimp gets green light to fly over London during president’s visit and We’re protesting Trump’s visit by flying an inflatable Trump Baby over London.

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Film and the Future of Kodak

Get out the slide projectors! Kodak is bringing Ektachrome back.


Kodak Alaris announced in 2017 that they were bringing back Ektachrome slide film, which was discontinued in 2012.  While I can debate the wisdom of their decision, I cannot make light of the effort that is required. Popular Science got a look Inside the facility where Kodak brings film back to life,

The process required to make color film is incredibly complicated. Ektachrome film must be produced in total darkness. The film has 15 layers containing 106 components. There are endless possibilities for mistakes. In addition, each batch of Ektachrome yields 3 million feet or 600,000 rolls. If anything does go wrong, it’s a real problem.

The problem with Kodak’s decision to bring back Ektachrome film is that I haven’t used film for the last decade and neither have most other people. In addition, slide film was never very popular.

Digital is simply too convenient. Film is not coming back, and Kodak needs to relearn this lesson. Kodak has forgotten what it learned in 2012.

My prediction is that Kodak will file for its second bankruptcy in 2020, and yes, companies can go bankrupt twice. I know because I worked for Creative Memories, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and again in 2013.

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My Cloud Camera

Cloud Camera Logo

My Cloud Camera offers free, unlimited storage of camera phone photos and videos. It solves the “Out of Storage Space” problem when taking  cell phone photos or videos. My Cloud Camera automatically uploading all photos and videos to the cloud. It is available for iOs and Android.

I downloaded the app.

Then I got scared.

I read the terms and conditions:

Any medias, photos, videos uploaded through My Cloud Camera website, mobile application, tablet application to My Cloud Camera server are the property of My Cloud Camera. My Cloud Camera have every right to use/sell/direct messaging and My Cloud Camera can use the profile information, photo video for marketing purpose and can sell the data. My Cloud Camera can use the profile information, photos, videos for marketing purpose and can sell the data. My Cloud Camera is the sole and exclusive owner of any and all My Cloud Camera Products, uploaded photos, videos and other medias and its Intellectual Property Rights any and all rights existing from time to time under patent law, copyright law, moral rights law, trade secret law, trademark law, unfair competition law, or other similar rights in any jurisdiction existing anywhere in the world. Please read carefully: My Cloud Camera owns your uploaded photos or videos or any media or any rights to your uploaded photos, videos or its virtual assets or data, all of which you agrees are monetarily without value. My Cloud Camera can sell, rent, or reproduce any photo, video, media or any virtual assets associated with such photos, videos, medias or with any account controlled by My Cloud Camera for any commercial purpose.

That’s right. You are giving up all rights to your life with My Cloud Camera. My Cloud Camera owns the photos, videos, and other media you upload and can do whatever it wants with your data. It can use your photos to make money however it wants to, and you can’t do anything about it. Think about it – advertisements to you, advertisements to your friends, advertisements to people you don’t know, advertisements on pornographic web sites. With My Cloud Camera, the possibilities are endless.

My Cloud Camera scares me.

I deleted the app.


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CM Introduces New Natural Disaster Albums

DisasterDue to continued global warming and the resulting increase in natural disasters, Creative Memories announced today that they are introducing a new line of Natural Disaster Albums. According to Creative Memories, “These new albums provide our customers with the means to celebrate global warming.”

The Natural Disaster Albums, which are available immediately, include Drought, Fire, Flood, and Hurricane. Flood and Hurricane are expected to be especially popular in Florida and other low-lying coastal areas, while the demand for Drought and Fire is expected to be high in California and other areas adversely affected by increased temperature.

The new albums will facilitate the healing process in the aftermath of natural disasters. Creative Memories elaborated, “Customers frequently lose their photographs and other memories in natural disasters. We want to give customers the means to create new albums which document their experience.”

The first four Natural Disaster Album are part of the permanent album line. They will be supplemented with additional albums as environmental consequences dictate.


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