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The selfie stick is a dangerous, destructive device. In the wrong hands, the selfie stick can wreak havoc, creating chaos everywhere. We have Pizza Hut to thank for this public service announcement:

Please share this announcement with all of your friends and remember to practice safe selfie.


Wonka  Camera_2

Cameras are going to the dogs. Nikon has designed a new dog camera.

When this new camera becomes available, it will take a photo whenever Wonka becomes excited and his heart rate increases. I am expecting photos of every bicyclist, jogger, school bus, and motorcycle that passes in front of our house since these are the things that excite Wonka.

Wonka’s only request is for Nikon to add a selfie mode so that he can capture images that appeal to his sense of vanity.


Now is the time to make plans to attend Forever LIVE! It takes place September 24-27 in Atlanta, and I will be speaking, along with Nick Kelsh, Tory Johnson, Glen Meakem, and others.

Discounted pricing expires May 31. See to register.

North Korea's new miniature nuclear weapon on parade with the older full-size version

North Korea’s new miniature nuclear weapon on parade with the older full-size version

In a followup report to the recent announcement that North Korea has used Photoshop to launch missiles from submarines, we have now learned that North Korea has applied its Photoshop capability to miniaturize nuclear weapons. “With Photoshop we can have any size nuclear weapon we want,” exclaimed an excited Kim Jong Un.

To create miniature nuclear weapons, North Korea was reported to have applied a 10% scaling factor through Photoshop’s Image Size command. “The possibilities are endless, declared Kim Jong Un.” We can create even smaller nuclear weapons using a 1%  scaling factor and at the other end of the spectrum, we can use a 1000% scaling factor to create extremely large nuclear weapons.” World leaders expressed concern that Kim Jong Un would apply the 1000% scaling factor twice in succession, creating nuclear weapons that are 100 times larger than existing weapons.

In response to North Korea’s use of Photoshop, computer software producer Adobe is reportedly developing an update to its popular package that will automatically recognize photos of nuclear weapons and refuse to apply scaling factors when those images are detected.

North Korea SubmarineNorth Korea continues to fight its wars with Photoshop, rather than military weapons. Most recently, North Korea used photo editing technology to launch missiles from submarines.

What I would like to know is whether or not the U.S. and its allies are maintaining Photoshop parity, and if they are, where are our faked military photos? After all, if North Korea can use Photoshop to create its armed forces we should be able to do the same thing and save money in the process.

Photoshop technology would allow our military to implement new strategic defenses. First, we would have the NFL Missile, targeting North Korea with underinflated footballs, Next, the Warner Brothers Bomb, replacing Wile E. Coyote with Kim Jong Un in old Road Runner cartoons.  Finally, Project Lost,  stranding Kim Jong Un on a mysterious tropical island in the South Pacific.

It’s easy. No more dictator. North Korea would never be able to recover from the photo editing.


All squares are rectangles (see Long Live the Rectangle), but not all rectangles are squares and of all rectangles the square is the most flexible. I began to understand the reason for the square when I started traditional scrapbooks. 12×12 was the most popular size, and I adopted it for all my projects. When I switched to photo books, I continued to create squares:

  • Horizontal and vertical photos fit on the page with minimal wasted space.
  • Layouts with multiple photos make it easy to combine horizontal and vertical photos on the same page.
  • There’s lots of space to add text.
  • The 12×12 is the largest size that fits on a standard bookshelf, allowing more photos per page.
  • The 12×12 is easily resized to an 8×8 for gifts or a second copy.
  • Finally and most importantly, big photo books are more impressive than small ones.

By the way, the square also gives me another way to highlight my two sons, Ed and Noah.


[The golden ratio is] that proportion which, as a standard proportion, underlies the arrangement of the human form, the construction of the more beautiful animals, the construction of plants, namely in the form of their leaf-arrangement, the forms of various crystals, the arrangement of the planets, the proportions of architectural and sculptural works recognized as being the most beautiful, the most satisfying chords in musical harmony, as well as many other things in nature and art.
Adolf ZeisingDas Normalverhältniss der chemischen und morphologischen Proportionen, 1856

Depending on who you ask, the golden ratio is either the symbol of beauty or a figment of your imagination. The golden ratio, which is about 1.62, is defined based on the ratios of two sides of a rectangle. It has been given almost magical properties; yet we also find other rectangles pleasing.  For example, 8×10 is the standard print size, and the ratio of the two sides, 1.25,  is nowhere near the golden ratio. Similarly, 4×6, 5×7, and 11×14 prints do not match the golden ratio. Finally, digital cameras typically use a 4:3 or 1.33 ratio, which also does not match the golden ratio. Yet, photography can be beautiful. Beauty is what is in the rectangle, not the ratio of the two sides. There you have it, give up the golden ratio, and enjoy the rectangle.


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