Long-Term Preservation of Photo Books

Mizen_ForeverLive2017_MAINSTAGE_hr_Page_06Preservation of photo books requires preserving the digital file as well as the physical photo book since millennials and others frequently prefer digital photos to an actual book. This is theory behind a presentation I gave at Forever Live! on August 4, 2017 emphasizing the importance of saving the PDF file that is available through Forever Artisan software along with the physical photo book. For the complete presentation see Mizen_Long-Term Preservation of Photo Books_2017_BLOG.

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Six Colors Are Better Than Four


Printer Digital Image Halftone-33

At Forever Live, I learned more about the Indigo printing process that Forever uses to produce photo books. Specifically, Forever uses a six color production process that produces improved color but is rarely used for consumer products. Six-color printing is generally used only for professional products since it costs approximately 50% more than four-color printing.

Printer Digital Image Halftone-35Light cyan and light magenta are the two additional inks used for six-color CcMmYK printing. With the expanded colors, printers rely less on grainy halftone dots to produce continuous tones. Light cyan and light magenta particularly evident in portraits, where light magenta improves skin tone reproduction, and in landscapes, where light cyan reduces the graininess of the blue sky. The next time you are looking at a six-color photo book or digital print, look carefully and you will see a difference.




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Why I bought a New Camera


I finally took the leap and replaced my twelve year old digital SLR with a brand new Nikon D7500. I had purchased a Nikon D70s when my youngest son was born so I was somewhat attached to the camera; however D70s’ flash was not working and he was suffering from traumatic brain injuries that frequently left him unable to function. He has not aged gracefully.

I had been using my iPhone for most photos, and I dreaded it when my wife would ask me to get out the “real camera.” We were also planning a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Buying a camera requires some thought. After all, everyone has a cell phone that takes perfectly good photos. I needed a camera for three reasons:

  • A real zoom and the ability to use multiple lenses. The digital zoom that is built into cell phone cameras will only go so far.
  • Dynamic range. It is difficult to properly expose bright and dark areas in an image with a cell phone camera.
  • Light sensitivity. Cell phone cameras have a small sensor that is unable to collect sufficient light in low-light  situations.

I considered newfangled cameras such as the Samsung NX1 28 MP 4K Wireless Smart Camera. The Samsung is basically a cross between a smart phone and a high-end digital camera; however I had a budget of about $1000 and the Samsung camera  at $2400 was simply too expensive. Full-frame DSLRs were also too expensive, and I could not convince myself that the larger sensor was worth the additional cost.

As a compromise between price and quality, I settled on the Nikon D7500. The reviews were good, I could use the lenses I already owned, and at $1247 it was only slightly more expensive than my targeted budget. I ordered my camera from Amazon Prime and had it the next day, with free overnight shipping.

By the way, does anybody have any recommendations on what to do with a half working Nikon D70s?


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Beware the 2013 Ford Fusion or at least the right front wheel


As I was driving my Ford Fusion down a city street, about to turn into Costco, the right front wheel fell off my car. I lost control of the car, and it came screeching to a halt. Fortunately, I was only driving about 20 miles per hour. Had I been going faster, the failure could have resulted in death or injury.

The wheel fell off the car due to a failed ball joint even though the vehicle only had
67,120 miles, had received regular maintenance, and had not been in an accident. Ford denies any responsibility for the failure, although it seems obvious that the wheel of
a four year old car with relatively low mileage should not simply fall off the car.  Ford told me exactly what I could do with my request for assistance with the repairs. Ford’s response shocked me, given that the company’s potential liability would have been far greater had their been death or injury.

Damage to the vehicle was significant enough that I am not planning to drop my claim against Ford. I will just have to wait and see if the courts hold Ford responsible for a clearly defective vehicle, or perhaps Ford will become more flexible once a case is filed.

I also filed a Vehicle safety complaint with NHTSA to make others aware of this potential safety defect.

The photos I took after this incident show exactly what happens when a wheel falls off a Ford Fusion.  It’s not pretty.

Please share this post. I would like to make others aware of this potential defect.

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A Toad at My Door

edit_IMG_1126This little fellow was waiting at my door step. I told him to eat a few mosquitoes. Wonka just barked, and my wife, who was sleeping, recoiled in terror at the thought that he might be taking up residence at our house.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that you can take photos like this with a cell phone. This photo was taken at night with the light of a single porch light.

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Metal Prints Last Three Times Longer

Wall Art_003

According to Wilhelm Imaging Research, metal prints last three times longer than conventional photographic prints. That’s good news. With metal prints, you can not only display your photos, but they will last longer as well. This is the information Fine Art Printer Magazine recently reported on ChromaLuxe.

These results highlight the impressive stability of photo products produced with either the Epson Ultrachrome DS inks or the Sawgrass Sublijet HD Pro Photo XF inks. Metal prints, photo panels, and other similar products may also be produces with other inks, so be sure to check with suppliers on which inks they are using.

I checked with Forever, and they are using Epson UltraChrome DS inks, so you are safe with their products.

Note: The original article on ChromaLuxe is in German. An English translation is available at  Fine Art Printer_Wilhelm Research_201701.




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Creative Memories Announces Trump Days Photo Mounting Paper


Continuing in the tradition of Ahni and Zoe’s highly successful School Rocks Fast2Fab Album, Creative Memories has announced the new limited-edition Trump Days photo mounting paper. This new paper pack is sure to delight scrapbookers looking to document the Trump presidency. It includes all the delightful, pussy-grabbing phrases you have come to know and love. It’s the perfect complement for the latest scandal. Trump Days is available while supplies last from April 1-April 30.

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