Beware the 2013 Ford Fusion or at least the right front wheel


As I was driving my Ford Fusion down a city street, about to turn into Costco, the right front wheel fell off my car. I lost control of the car, and it came screeching to a halt. Fortunately, I was only driving about 20 miles per hour. Had I been going faster, the failure could have resulted in death or injury.

The wheel fell off the car due to a failed ball joint even though the vehicle only had
67,120 miles, had received regular maintenance, and had not been in an accident. Ford denies any responsibility for the failure, although it seems obvious that the wheel of
a four year old car with relatively low mileage should not simply fall off the car.  Ford told me exactly what I could do with my request for assistance with the repairs. Ford’s response shocked me, given that the company’s potential liability would have been far greater had their been death or injury.

Damage to the vehicle was significant enough that I am not planning to drop my claim against Ford. I will just have to wait and see if the courts hold Ford responsible for a clearly defective vehicle, or perhaps Ford will become more flexible once a case is filed.

I also filed a Vehicle safety complaint with NHTSA to make others aware of this potential safety defect.

The photos I took after this incident show exactly what happens when a wheel falls off a Ford Fusion.  It’s not pretty.

Please share this post. I would like to make others aware of this potential defect.

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A Toad at My Door

edit_IMG_1126This little fellow was waiting at my door step. I told him to eat a few mosquitoes. Wonka just barked, and my wife, who was sleeping, recoiled in terror at the thought that he might be taking up residence at our house.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that you can take photos like this with a cell phone. This photo was taken at night with the light of a single porch light.

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Metal Prints Last Three Times Longer

Wall Art_003

According to Wilhelm Imaging Research, metal prints last three times longer than conventional photographic prints. That’s good news. With metal prints, you can not only display your photos, but they will last longer as well. This is the information Fine Art Printer Magazine recently reported on ChromaLuxe.

These results highlight the impressive stability of photo products produced with either the Epson Ultrachrome DS inks or the Sawgrass Sublijet HD Pro Photo XF inks. Metal prints, photo panels, and other similar products may also be produces with other inks, so be sure to check with suppliers on which inks they are using.

I checked with Forever, and they are using Epson UltraChrome DS inks, so you are safe with their products.

Note: The original article on ChromaLuxe is in German. An English translation is available at  Fine Art Printer_Wilhelm Research_201701.




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Creative Memories Announces Trump Days Photo Mounting Paper


Continuing in the tradition of Ahni and Zoe’s highly successful School Rocks Fast2Fab Album, Creative Memories has announced the new limited-edition Trump Days photo mounting paper. This new paper pack is sure to delight scrapbookers looking to document the Trump presidency. It includes all the delightful, pussy-grabbing phrases you have come to know and love. It’s the perfect complement for the latest scandal. Trump Days is available while supplies last from April 1-April 30.

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Camera Stores Headed for Extinction

petapixel_another-big-camera-store-fails_-why-are-so-many-closing_20170302Camera stores have reached a point in their evolution where they are no longer able to breed and produce new camera stores; consequently extinction is inevitable. This species of retail outlet has a business model is no longer viable. Margins have been reduced to a point that independent camera stores can no longer survive in the face of mail-order competition. Sales taxes contribute to the problem as does showrooming. The combination of these factors means the end is near. See Another Big Camera Store Fails: Why Are So Many Closing? for more details on the decline of the camera store.

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March for Science: All About Images

mark_microscope_edit_002The March for Science will take place April 22, 2017 in Washington, D.C., St. Paul, MN, and elsewhere. This march is not for just Democrats or Republicans. Instead, it is a non-political march designed to highlight the importance of science and of decisions based on sound science.

I march because I support science:

  • Photographs (and the selfie) define us and who we are.
  • Cell phones and digital cameras capture memories as they happen.
  • Without photography, we would be left with only a few very expensive paintings.
  • Dyes, pigments, and other materials last for generations.
  • Printing allows the rapid dissemination of ideas.
  • Driver’s licences, IDs, and passports establish identity.
  • Medical imaging saves lives.

mark_pen-tester_editI have worked in medical imaging, consumer photography, and security printing. In these fields, different technologies come together to create products that would be impossible without science.

I march because I support science, and science supports me.

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How to Create Photo Book Videos from Artisan


Photo books preserve vacations and other family memories; however, not everyone wants to look at a photo book. In addition, sharing a photo book is difficult, since it requires sending either a physical book or large digital file to someone. This post shows how to share photo books created within Artisan as videos.

The current version of Artisan will display photo books as a slideshow, but does not allow saving the slideshow as a video file. This limitation means that the slideshow can only be seen from the computer the computer that created the photo book or possibly from another computer that has Artisan installed. Sharing is difficult at best,

Sharing a slideshow requires a screen capture program. Two options are Movavi Video Suite or Camtasia. I chose the $39.99 Movavi Video Suite, since at $199, Camtasia was out of my price range. I did see that the reviews of for Movavi Video Suite on Amazon are not good; however, the program proved suitable for my needs.

Once you have have installed screen capture software, simply activate screen capture and start the slideshow. Since perfect timing is almost impossible, capture a little extra video. Then, after the slideshow is finished, open the video editor and delete the portion of the video before and after the slideshow. Next, use the Highlight and Conceal tool to remove the menu bar from the bottom of the video, if it is present. Finally, save the video as YouTube – HD 1080p.

Once the video is saved, upload to YouTube and share to your hearts’s content. Here is the video from my 2015 Disney Family Vacation.

Note added February 27, 2017: The paper designs used for this book were from the A Summer Symphony Colorwash Papers, Needlecraft Addiction Colorwash Papers and True Colors Colorwash Papers available from Forever.



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