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Select Materials for Your Next ID Card Project with Confidence

[This article was originally posted at https://www.hidglobal.com/blog/select-materials-your-next-id-card-project-confidence.] 31 OCT 2016 by Dr. Mark Mizen Balancing between longevity and cost is at the heart of choosing a card material for your ID, badge or financial card printing solution. While design and technology … Continue reading

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Recycling Plastic Cards

PVC is used for lots of things, including most gift cards, ID cards, and credit cards. One of the disadvantages of PVC is that while it can be recycled, it very rarely is. PVC has a recycling code of 3, … Continue reading

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Our Memories for Life Album Straps Now Photo Safe

Earlier this year, this blog published test results showing that the strap in Our Memories for Life (OMFL) albums was not photo safe and consequently their “100% photo-safe” claim was not correct. According to OMFL, the straps are now made … Continue reading

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Dr. Mark’s Guide to Photo Safety

Photo safety is a complex subject and it is difficult to know what to do about it. Here, in one concise list are my recommendations for Ahni, Zoe, Creative Memories, Our Memories for Life, and anyone else concerned about photo … Continue reading

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Like Doesn’t Mean Like

My Facebook news feed is infested with ads for Artisan State photo books. Facebook even tells me that lots of my friends like Artisan State photo books. I previously wrote about Artisan State in Photo Books to Avoid expressing my … Continue reading

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Our Memories For Life Albums Not Photo-Safe

I had a chance this morning to see the X-ray Fluoresence (XRF) results on Our Memories For Life’s album strap. Anything that contains 36% chlorine is not 100% photo-safe. Sorry, Youngevity.

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It’s a Blog

It’s a blog not a peer reviewed scientific journal. Yes, that’s right the All About Images Blog is not a scientific journal. Yesterday, I posted an update to my original report on album straps: “June 23, 2014: Youngevity’s Our Memories … Continue reading

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How to identify PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, which is also called PVC, harms photographs. Yet, it is not always clear whether a specific product contains PVC, and labels may be misleading. One indication is that the plasticizer in some PVC products smells like a new car. A better … Continue reading

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Get the Straps Right

Both the hydrochloric acid released by the breakdown of the PVC, and the stabilizers, plasticizers and other additives used In the PVC materials, pose threats to the preservation of photographs stored in such photograph albums or scrapbooks. Under appropriate conditions, … Continue reading

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Photo Books to Avoid

In the category of photo books to avoid, I would include Artisan State’s photo books. According to Artisan State,  The Photographer’s Photo Book is flush mounted, affordable, and lay flat. It is available with various cover options, has library quality … Continue reading

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