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The One Device

Brian Merchant provides a comprehensive history of the development of the iPhone in The One Device. This book shows that Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone. Instead, many engineers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to develop the iPhone. These … Continue reading

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The Future of TV

The quantum future of TV may be no further away than your nearest inkjet printer. Researchers have demonstrated the use of inkjet technology in the printing of quantum dots, which are useful in high-resolution displays. ¬†Quantum dots are very small … Continue reading

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Free Works!

Two week ago, I asked the question, “Is free still a viable business model?” This week the answer appears to be yes. Flag, which is planning to print and give away photos that have advertisements on the back received funding … Continue reading

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The Future of the Digital SLR

The future is here. It’s just not ready for the mass market. Up until now, we have had phones with great connectivity but limited photographic capability and digital SLRs with great photographic capabilities but essentially no ability to communicate. Now, … Continue reading

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U.S. to Update $100 Bill

The U.S. government has recently announced plans to update the $100 bill, making it more difficult to counterfeit. According to Jack Lew, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, ” The current $100 bill is too easy too duplicate. Everyone has … Continue reading

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Photo Books Stop Hackers

  Hackers exploited the [Apple] system to gain full control of Wired journalist Mat Honan’s iCloud account and wipe his iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including precious photographs of his young daughter that he had not backed up. Christopher Williams, The … Continue reading

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