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How to recognize a pyramid scheme

A bit harsh, but John Oliver raises some interesting points in his video on Multilevel Marketing. He point out correctly that if a company relies on recruiting and sales to distributors for the majority of its income, rather than sales … Continue reading

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Why I write about Creative Memories

Every time I write an article about Creative Memories, I get a few comments back along the lines of “The old CM is in the past….it’s history. Let it go and move on! There’s no need to keep digging up … Continue reading

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Youngevity Introduces New Line of Essential Oils

Youngevity has just announced a new line of essential oils called Our Oils For Life (OOFL). These oils are acid-free, lignin-free, and buffered. They come in a photo-safe, PVC container and comply with the latest standards for unsupported medical claims. According … Continue reading

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What is Creative Memories?

Creative Memories has filed for bankruptcy twice and their liquidation sale took place September 23-24. So, what is Creative Memories? There seems to be a lot of confusion on this point. Let’s start with what it is not. Heritage Maker’s … Continue reading

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Our Memories For Life Albums Not Photo-Safe

I had a chance this morning to see the X-ray Fluoresence (XRF) results on Our Memories For Life’s album strap. Anything that contains 36% chlorine is not 100% photo-safe. Sorry, Youngevity.

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It’s a Blog

It’s a blog not a peer reviewed scientific journal. Yes, that’s right the All About Images Blog is not a scientific journal. Yesterday, I posted an update to my original report on album straps: “June 23, 2014: Youngevity’s Our Memories … Continue reading

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If You’re Using Social Media Right, You Will Piss Some People Off

Guy Kawasaki recently stated, “If You’re Using Social Media Right, You Will Piss Some People Off’” Let’s see. Youngevity is upset that I was concerned about removing the raised reinforcement tape (jeeping) from album pages. And how about Ahni and … Continue reading

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To Jeep or Not to Jeep

HAMLET: To jeep, or not to jeep–that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the album to suffer The protrusions of outrageous embellishments Or to take reinforcement tape And by adhering it. To prevent, to end– No more PVC–and by a … Continue reading

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An Open Letter: How to Make a High-Quality Album

Dear Ahni, Zoe, Youngevity, and other album manufacturers, It’s really not that hard. Here’s how to make a high-quality album in seven easy steps: No PVC. It’s simple. Avoid the material. I have never seen anything good come out of an … Continue reading

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