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Selfitis Isn’t a Mental Disorder, But It Should Be

In March of 2014 the Adobo Chronicles published an article on American Psychiatric Association Makes It Official: ‘Selfie a Mental Disorder.’ They also indicated that the word selfitis, the obsessive-compulsive urge to take photos of one’s self and post them on social … Continue reading

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Take Safe Selfies

The selfie situation in Russia is even more dire than in the United States. In response to a number of deaths the Russian Interior Ministry has released Take Safe Selfies. (English translation above). A teenager from the Ryazan district wanted to … Continue reading

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An Amazing Poem About Selfies

As I lift my finger and press the button, a dense forest of transistors, organize themselves like a civilization out of the desert, forming a path for the flow of electricity, so measured out of the trillions of possibilities, one … Continue reading

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