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Do Not Take Selfies with Guns

A man wants to take a photo of himself with a gun. He pulls the trigger, and for a super-realistic photo showing the danger of guns kills himself at the same time. Death by selfie. And it has happened before. Why would … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement – Do Not Take Selfies with Rattlesnakes

Apparently, stupid selfies are not restricted to Russia. Yes, that is right. The United States needs its own public service campaign. In case you missed the story, Alex Gomez, 36, from Lake Elsinore, CA was bitten by a rattlesnake he picked up to … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement – If you’re going to take a selfie, don’t do it standing next to a bison

It should be obvious, but apparently it is not. Please do not stand next to a bison when taking a selfie. Also avoid bears, lions, rhinoceroses and any other wild animal that can cause serious injury. You’re welcome. For more … Continue reading

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Wonka Wants a New Camera

Cameras are going to the dogs. Nikon has designed a new dog camera. When this new camera becomes available, it will take a photo whenever Wonka becomes excited and his heart rate increases. I am expecting photos of every bicyclist, jogger, … Continue reading

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Fujifilm Enters Megapixel Wars with New Selfie Cam

With its latest camera, Fujifilm is taking on the industry megapixel leader Sigma and their 46 megapixel cameras. Fujifilm’s new digital camera, the X-A2 has fewer megapixels but the megapixels are selfie megapixels, which according to Fujifilm are at least three times … Continue reading

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New camera shoots 4.4 trillion selfies per second

Surpassing M.I.T.’s previous record of 1 trillion selfies per second, researchers in Japan have announce a new camera which takes 4.4 trillion selfies per second. This camera uses an optical shutter to acquire images with a resolution of 450 x 450 … Continue reading

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Selfies at 1 trillion frames per second

Using technology previously reserved for photographing light traveling through a Coke bottle, researchers at M.I.T. have announced the new Selfie Cam, which will take one trillion selfies per second and automatically upload them to Facebook. According to M.I.T Professor Ramesh Raskar, … Continue reading

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