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Disney Memory Maker Makes Memories

This year it was time for a family trip to Disney World. I had been there many times growing up, since my grandparents lived nearby, but had never taken the family. Disney has expanded significantly since then with two new … Continue reading

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An Open Invitation to Photo Book Manufacturers

I get a lot of messages and responses to my posts asking, “Have you looked at (fill in the blank)?” The answer is almost always no. Products are expensive and at this time, I don’t have the resources to go … Continue reading

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Panstoria Photo Book Review Part 3

The previous posts in this series are located at Panstoria Photo Book Review and Panstoria Photo Book Review Part 2. I received updated photo books from Panstoria. Unlike the previous books, these books were received undamaged. Packaging is probably still … Continue reading

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Panstoria Photo Book Review Part 2

These low-resolution photomicrographs highlight my concern with image quality in Pansotria’s photo books. The Panstoria image has a vertical screening pattern that makes the graininess more apparent than it is with the Creative Memories. The Panstoria photo book is also … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports Reviews Cameras

If you’re in the market for a new camera be sure to check out the latest Consumer Reports. Their reviews of digital cameras provides a good starting point. Unfortunately, the digital camera market is evolving so rapidly that their detailed … Continue reading

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