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Long-Term Preservation of Photo Books

Preservation of photo books requires preserving the digital file as well as the physical photo book since millennials and others frequently prefer digital photos to an actual book. This is theory behind a presentation I gave at Forever Live! on … Continue reading

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More About Video Preservation

We need to preserve videos, even though there is no good way to do it. I have previously discussed using YouTube to preserve Technology Center Videos from Creative Memories. I have now taken video preservation one step further, using ClipConverter to … Continue reading

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All About Images Is Now Preserved Forever

After much effort, All About Images is now preserved Forever. I converted all my past posts to two PDF files and uploaded those files to Forever’s Guaranteed Storage. I eventually settled on BlogBooker, which is a free service, although you … Continue reading

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The Statistics of Forever

I recently presented a talk titled “Preservation Is Forever.” In this talk, I reviewed the Terms of Service for many online services offering photo products and digital storage. Many of these services have terms indicating that they can delete photos … Continue reading

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Local Woman Prints iPhone Photos Leaving Family and Friends Shocked

See http://missymwac.tumblr.com/post/92167991015/local-woman-prints-iphone-photos-leaving-friends for a novel way to preserve cell phone photos.

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All About Forever

Forever preserves memories forever, or at least for the life of the owner plus 100 years. It sounds simple, but it’s not. I spoke with the Glen Meakem, President of Forever, reviewed their documents, and set up a trial account. … Continue reading

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Preserve Online Memories

The World Wide Web or internet is continuously changing and history is vanishing from the web. This study on lost web pages revealed that 11% of web links disappear within one year and 27% within two years. We see an … Continue reading

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Preserving Your Digital Memories

The Library of Congress has released information on Personal Archiving  as well as a Personal Archiving Brochure that highlights the need to preserve your digital information. It is relatively comprehensive and includes recommendations for digital photographs, digital audio, digital video, electronic … Continue reading

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U.S. Government Fails To Preserve Electronic Records

No, this is not an actual headline but instead is the likely outcome of this country’s reliance on the Electronic Records Archive for preserving the nation’s history. My concern stems from our current single-minded focus on preserving information in electonic systems that … Continue reading

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Transfer Video Tapes to Hard Drives

The April 14, 2010 NY Times recommends preserving video tapes by transferring them to hard drives. “Along the way, I was crestfallen to discover that about 10 percent of the tapes had stretches of garbled video. After only a few years, the … Continue reading

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