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Zink Twice about Polaroid

Warning: Polaroid cameras that produce Zink photos are not recommended for preserving memories. Polaroid or should I say what’s left of Polaroid continues to push instant photography, including cameras that produce Zink direct thermal prints. Camera models include Snap, Snap … Continue reading

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Instant Film Defies Logic

Fujifilm’s sales of instant cameras and film continues to defy logic with exponential growth as consumers look for the immediate gratification of an instant print. These sales show that film still has a place in specialized applications, and in this … Continue reading

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Polaroid, Kodak, and a Complete Disregard of the Patent System

A Triumph of Genius details the epic patent battle between Polaroid and Kodak over the technology behind instant photography. This book is fascinating for two reasons. First, the legal battle is a classic example of corporate arrogance on Kodak’s part. … Continue reading

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Camera passes pencil in usefulness

We are still a long way from the…camera that would be, oh, like the telephone: something that you use all day long…a camera which you would use not on the occasion of parties only, or when your grandchildren came to … Continue reading

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Zink about Zink

ZinkĀ is in the news with the Home Shopping Network and others offering zink-based printers and even a camera incorporating Zink Technology. At about $230 for the hAppy printer and $260 for the Polaroid Z340 camera, these products are not inexpensive. … Continue reading

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