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Being owned by the banks is not a good thing

Creative Memories is owned by the banks. It happened after Creative Memories filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and the banks were able to lay claim to whatever remained. Yes, employees at the time were told that they were being given … Continue reading

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Product Quality and ISO Participation

The International Organization for Standardization [ISO] provides a forum for representatives from various companies and organizations to discuss factors that improve product quality. At these meetings, which are held twice a year, companies gain general knowledge that facilitates product improvements. … Continue reading

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StoryBooks are now even better!

In September, we will start manufacturing all Hardcover StoryBooks here at Creative Memories. This change allows us to further integrate digital StoryBooks with our traditional products. Improved quality Starting in September, we’ll be discontinuing all 11 x 8.5 linen and … Continue reading

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More on Turning Photo Books into Bricks

In Turning Photo Books into Bricks I described how high humidity will turn many photo books made from traditional photographic paper into bricks. The Fuji Film Memo describing the problem and a Translation are now available here. At the last ISO meeting on … Continue reading

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Caution!!!!! Free Family Photo Opportunity

My family and I typically have portraits taken before the holidays at Proex and have always been pleased with the results. Last year we missed the chance to have portraits taken. Our schedule was busy and we called too late. Consequently, … Continue reading

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