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How Not to Climb Mount Everest

  An Indian couple,┬áDinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod, recently climbed Mount Everest in their imaginations, using Photoshop to achieve the desired results. They weren’t very good with Photoshop, and their ruse was easily detected, with the Nepal government banning them from … Continue reading

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North Korea Shrinks Nuclear Weopons

In a followup report to the recent announcement that North Korea has used Photoshop to launch missiles from submarines, we have now learned that North Korea has applied its Photoshop capability to miniaturize nuclear weapons. “With Photoshop we can have … Continue reading

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North Korea Photoshop War

North Korea continues to fight its wars with Photoshop, rather than military weapons. Most recently, North Korea used photo editing technology to launch missiles from submarines. What I would like to know is whether or not the U.S. and its … Continue reading

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