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Wonka Wants a New Camera

Cameras are going to the dogs. Nikon has designed a new dog camera. When this new camera becomes available, it will take a photo whenever Wonka becomes excited and his heart rate increases. I am expecting photos of every bicyclist, jogger, … Continue reading

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The Future of the Digital SLR

The future is here. It’s just not ready for the mass market. Up until now, we have had phones with great connectivity but limited photographic capability and digital SLRs with great photographic capabilities but essentially no ability to communicate. Now, … Continue reading

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Will the megapixel wars ever end?

At PMA, I attended several presentations by Sony and was impressed with their alpha A900 digital SLR and its 24.6 megapixel resolution. The presenters were extremely effective in showing the possibilities created with a sensor of this size. I was … Continue reading

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