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MN Driver’s Licenses Create Real Chaos

Starting sometime in 2016, residents of Minnesota, the U.S. territory American Samoa, and possibly other states may not be able to use their driver’s licenses as identification to fly domestically. I live in Minnesota, and I fly a lot, so … Continue reading

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Prisms, Light, and Color

It’s amazing what you can learn from your kids. This week I learned that light travels in a straight line through a prism until it exits the prism at which time it is magically dispersed into its component colors. This … Continue reading

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Creative Memories bankruptcy points to need for improved math education in Minnesota

Creative Memories laid off an additional 35 people this week, in conjunction with their bankruptcy related restructuring. While the layoffs are not surprising, what is surprising is that according to the Saint Cloud Times, “An exact employee count wasn’t immediately … Continue reading

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Snowden Reveals Existence of NSA Billion Camera Program

Former┬áNSA Contractor Edward Snowden has just revealed that the NSA is planning to install a billion cameras around the country. These cameras will put the average American under the surveillance of at least three cameras at any one time. In … Continue reading

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Just Call It a Photo

Dear Minneapolis Institute of Arts, I had lunch at your museum today, and visited the The World at Work: Images of Labor and Industry, 1850 to Now exhibition. This exhibit included Paul Shambroom’s “Color coupler print” of the Badger Foundry … Continue reading

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My Driver’s License Looks Terrible

Now that I am working on systems to produce ID cards I have begun to notice different things. One of the things I have noticed is how bad my driver’s license looks. It looks like a cross between a failed … Continue reading

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