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When all else fails, make up a word

The HTC One has ultrapixels, not megapixels. Ultrapixels are larger than megapixels, but unfortunately, they only exist inside HTC’s mind. HTC made up the word and then used it to describe their new phone. It’s unfortunate that they need to … Continue reading

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More than Megapixels

An article appeared in the New York Times on August 19 illustrating the point I have been trying to make that image quality is determined by more than megapixels. The Sony DSC-WX1 was recommended and fared significantly better than the … Continue reading

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Will the megapixel wars ever end?

At PMA, I attended several presentations by Sony and was impressed with their alpha A900 digital SLR and its 24.6 megapixel resolution. The presenters were extremely effective in showing the possibilities created with a sensor of this size. I was … Continue reading

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