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Kodak to Introduce VHS Tape

As part of their effort to continue to support obsolete formats, such as Super 8 movie film and color motion picture film, Kodak has announced that they will begin producing VHS tapes this August. Their plan is consistent with the recent Japanese … Continue reading

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Kodak Reintroduces Super 8 Film in New Plan to Repeat Previous Bankruptcy

Kodak has announced that it will reintroduce the Super 8 Camera for creating movies on film. According to Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke, “This camera will allow Kodak to waste millions of dollars manufacturing a product that nobody wants.” Jeff Clarke … Continue reading

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Polaroid, Kodak, and a Complete Disregard of the Patent System

A Triumph of Genius details the epic patent battle between Polaroid and Kodak over the technology behind instant photography. This book is fascinating for two reasons. First, the legal battle is a classic example of corporate arrogance on Kodak’s part. … Continue reading

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Kodak and Film

“Film has been – and will remain – a vital part of our culture,” said Jeff Clarke, Kodak chief executive officer. “With the support of the studios, we will continue to provide motion picture film, with its unparalleled richness and … Continue reading

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Film on Life Support

In an effort to delay the death of traditional film, Hollywood has agreed to buy enough film to ensure that the last remaining supplier, Kodak, will remain in the business. The agreement makes no mention of what the studios will actually … Continue reading

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A New Printer from HP

I sorry to report that after a little over two years, my Kodak ESP 9250 suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.  Ink was no longer flowing to its printhead, and as much as I dislike our disposable society, I did not feel that … Continue reading

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Kodak Still Doesn’t Get It!

I would think, after filing for bankruptcy, Kodak would understand that no one company can control, prevent, or stop technological change. Apparently, Kodak disagrees with me. So, with the seriousness with which it was intended, here is Kodak’s 10 Reasons … Continue reading

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Sell Stuff

“And the bottom line was, they weren’t very good at selling stuff. They were more interested in telling you how good they were.” Christopher Bonanos in Instant: The Story of Polaroid, describing the decline of the company (p. 155). Polaroid … Continue reading

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Photography Is Now Antifragile

The photography industry landscape from KBS+ Ventures illustrates the complex web of relationships that now dominate imaging. No longer can a single company control its own destiny. In fact, the success of any company in imaging is dependent on how … Continue reading

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Film, Paper, and the Demise of Kodak

On Kodak’s selling of its traditional camera film and photo paper business: “We solidly believe in them. We’re not shutting down or exiting these businesses. The market for photo paper remains strong.” And in fact the company has been making … Continue reading

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