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New camera shoots 4.4 trillion selfies per second

Surpassing M.I.T.’s previous record of 1 trillion selfies per second, researchers in Japan have announce a new camera which takes 4.4 trillion selfies per second. This camera uses an optical shutter to acquire images with a resolution of 450 x 450 … Continue reading

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More about Ahni, Zoe, and Creative Memories

Ahni and Zoe are now history, at least in the U.S. and Canada. Their direct sales business  is joining the graveyard of failed businesses. Some of the products may reappear, since the production equipment, patents, and brand names have been … Continue reading

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Creative Memories Japan Sold

As announced on July 5, Mr. Caleb Hayhoe, Chairperson of Flowerdale Group Ltd., Hong Kong purchased Creative Memories Japan, Creative Memories and Ahni and Zoe brand names, and related production equipment.   He has named Yoko Amano General Manager of Creative … Continue reading

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Olympus Exposed

Why is it so hard to run a corporation ethically? I am not sure I know the answer, but Michael Woodford’s experience at camera manufacturer Olympus is enlightening. When he became President of Olympus, Woodford encountered a complex web of … Continue reading

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