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Preservation of Digitally-Printed Photographs

The Image Permanence Institute makes available the IPI Guide to Preservation of Digitally-Printed Photographs. This guide is intended for libraries, museums, and archives, but it is also useful to others. Here are some highlights: For digital prints the primary drivers of … Continue reading

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More on Turning Photo Books into Bricks

In Turning Photo Books into Bricks I described how high humidity will turn many photo books made from traditional photographic paper into bricks. The Fuji Film Memo describing the problem and a Translation are now available here. At the last ISO meeting on … Continue reading

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Turning Photo Books into Bricks

The easiest way to turn a photo book into a brick is to order one of the new photo books printed on traditional photographic paper. Most of these books are produced with uncoated photo paper that is placed in direct … Continue reading

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Preserve memories with recommended storage conditions

All photographic prints should be stored at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) or less with 20-50 percent relative humidity. These conditions are based on the recommendations from experts in the industry and are consistent with ISO recommendations for medium … Continue reading

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