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Instant Film Defies Logic

Fujifilm’s sales of instant cameras and film continues to defy logic with exponential growth as consumers look for the immediate gratification of an instant print. These sales show that film still has a place in specialized applications, and in this … Continue reading

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Fujifilm develops new system to print kids’ artwork

Recognizing the market potential in artwork reproduction, Fujifilm has developed the Reliefography printing process. This process uses 3D technology inkjet technology to create high-quality copies, and at only $34,000 a copy, it is perfect for making duplicates of school projects. … Continue reading

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More on Turning Photo Books into Bricks

In Turning Photo Books into Bricks I described how high humidity will turn many photo books made from traditional photographic paper into bricks. The Fuji Film Memo describing the problem and a Translation are now available here. At the last ISO meeting on … Continue reading

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Turning Photo Books into Bricks

The easiest way to turn a photo book into a brick is to order one of the new photo books printed on traditional photographic paper. Most of these books are produced with uncoated photo paper that is placed in direct … Continue reading

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