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The Importance of a Birth Certificate

Every presidential election leads to a discussion of birth certificates. Is it OK to be born in Canada? Was the Canal Zone part of the U.S.? Was he really born in Hawaii? These questions are political in nature and miss … Continue reading

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A Photo Book Is Not a Broken iPad

  If you haven’t seen the video, take a look at A Magazine is an iPad That Does Not Work. In this video, a one-year old tries to use a magazine like an iPad. Here’s why a photo book is not … Continue reading

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A New Printer from HP

I sorry to report that after a little over two years, my Kodak ESP 9250 suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.  Ink was no longer flowing to its printhead, and as much as I dislike our disposable society, I did not feel that … Continue reading

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The Value of Identification

Human rights are unthinkable without “identifiable people”. One can be entitled with rights only if he has an identity. Emilio Mordini and Corinna Ottolini, Ann Ist Super Sanita 2007, Vol. 43, No. 1: 51-60. Are national IDs good or bad? … Continue reading

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