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Don’t get American Express statements wet

Please, American Express, stop using inks that run when accidentally exposed to water. It’s really not that hard. In the scrapbooking industry, we learned long ago that pigment-based inks are relatively water-resistant, while dye-based inks will rapidly run all over … Continue reading

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Why buy the cartridges when you can buy the printer?

I have been feeding a monster for the past ten years. This┬ámonster is an HP Photosmart 8150 inkjet printer that consumes ink cartridges with the appetite of a velociraptor. The printer still works and I am generally reluctant to replace … Continue reading

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Dr. Mark’s Guide to Photo Safety

Photo safety is a complex subject and it is difficult to know what to do about it. Here, in one concise list are my recommendations for Ahni, Zoe, Creative Memories, Our Memories for Life, and anyone else concerned about photo … Continue reading

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Preservation of Digitally-Printed Photographs

The Image Permanence Institute┬ámakes available the IPI Guide to Preservation of Digitally-Printed Photographs. This guide is intended for libraries, museums, and archives, but it is also useful to others. Here are some highlights: For digital prints the primary drivers of … Continue reading

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Paper Weight and Photo Safety

Paper is critical for many projects and unfortunately it is all too easily misunderstood. As an example, Creative Memories has changed its album page to what appears to be a more flexible, less stiff paper. Does this mean the paper … Continue reading

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