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The Difference Between Archiving and Backup

Archiving involves storing digital assets in a way that allows safe and permanent access to them many years down the road. By definition, an archive will protect your data from most types of damage, including fire, water, earthquake, and electrical/static charge. Be … Continue reading

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How low can it go?

How low can online storage prices go? I’m not sure I know the answer to that, but MediaFire recently announced promotional pricing of $2.50 per month for 1 TB , compared to the previously announced rate of $9.99/month for Google Drive. … Continue reading

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Simplify Backup with Hard Disk Drives

CDs and DVDs are the most stable way to back up files. These discs contain no moving parts and are not affected by computer viruses and other problems. Unfortunately, creating CDs and DVDs is not simple and takes time. See A Consumer Guide … Continue reading

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Preserve Digital Images

Author : Michelle Albright Welcome back and Happy New Year.  I’d love to see a post about the importance of printing and backing up digital images.  So many people think their images are perfectly safe on their computers until a … Continue reading

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