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Will Amazon screw up Eero?

I have previously written about Eero WiFi routers and how they resolved my WiFi problems. Eero eliminates WiFi dead zones and gives me control over who is using my WiFi network and when they are using it. This week Eero … Continue reading

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Be Careful with White Backgrounds

The problem is not that white backgrounds get dirty easily or that it is difficult to determine the¬†correct exposure, although both of these things are true. Instead the problem is U.S. Patent 8,676,045. Yes, that is right, Amazon has successfully … Continue reading

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Photo Books Stop Hackers

  Hackers exploited the [Apple] system to gain full control of Wired journalist Mat Honan’s iCloud account and wipe his iPhone, iPad, and Mac, including precious photographs of his young daughter that he had not backed up. Christopher Williams, The … Continue reading

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