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How to Create Photo Book Videos from Artisan

Photo books preserve vacations and other family memories; however, not everyone wants to look at a photo book. In addition, sharing a photo book is difficult, since it requires sending either a physical book or large digital file to someone. … Continue reading

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Kodak to Introduce VHS Tape

As part of their effort to continue to support obsolete formats, such as Super 8 movie film and color motion picture film, Kodak has announced that they will begin producing VHS tapes this August. Their plan is consistent with the recent Japanese … Continue reading

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More About Video Preservation

We need to preserve videos, even though there is no good way to do it. I have previously discussed using YouTube to preserve Technology Center Videos from Creative Memories. I have now taken video preservation one step further, using ClipConverter to … Continue reading

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Legacy Republic

Legacy Republic takes YesVideo, with its services for digitizing photos, videos, and movies, into the direct sales world. In fact, they have invested $6 million in its creation. including hiring one of the former employees from Ahni and Zoe by … Continue reading

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Kodak Still Doesn’t Get It!

I would think, after filing for bankruptcy, Kodak would understand that no one company can control, prevent, or stop technological change. Apparently, Kodak disagrees with me. So, with the seriousness with which it was intended, here is Kodak’s 10 Reasons … Continue reading

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Talking Tag Free App and Video

Talking Tag Memory Labels allow smart phones to record and preserve memories. The app is available for free on iTunes for a limited time. Download the app at from your smart phone or see the video at  TalkingTag Memory … Continue reading

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Information Gives Photos Meaning

A Man Amplifier video that I recently uploaded to Youtube and Facebook illustrates the importance of placing photos and videos in the proper context. I tagged the video with dates, names, and locations. Yet, this information was clearly insufficient to understand … Continue reading

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