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Panstoria Artisan Replaces CM StoryBook Creator

Panstoria is the successor to Creative Memories digital product line. In this role, Panstoria continues to support StoryBook Creator, although it is now renamed Artisan. If you haven’t updated to Artisan, you may want to consider making the change. Artisan … Continue reading

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Success through Chapter 7

I hope Creative Memories succeeds. Here is why a Chapter 7 liquidation following the “Twinkies Model” is not such a bad outcome. The retirement money is almost certainly gone or never existed. Nothing that happens is going to make it … Continue reading

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Create Custom Digital Paper with WordFoto

I wanted to create digital paper for my photo books that was more unique than the typical generic designs. Here’s how to do it. You will need an iPhone or iPad, although there may be similar software available for the … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget About Old Photos

The most recent photo book I created does not contain any photos more recent than 1994. These photos were taken in Europe before I was married. They reflect my interest in photography, and I wanted to preserve them. I also … Continue reading

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Step-By-Step Guide to a Permanent Digital StoryBook Backup

I have received a number of requests to provide more details on creating a digital backup disc for StoryBooks. A printed photo book remains the best backup for digital photos. The following procedure assumes that you have already printed your … Continue reading

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StoryBook Creator Makes DVD Cases

I recently created a DVD to back up all my photo books (and one calendar) in Backup Photo Book Files. Now I have a custom DVD case to put it in. I took advantage of StoryBook Creator’s ability to create … Continue reading

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Backup Photo Book Files

I finally did it. I created a backup of all my photo books, taking advantage of StoryBook Creator 4.0’s ability to export files in an industry standard PDF format. I exported 14 photo books for a total of 2.79 GB. … Continue reading

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You Create It Custom Album Preserves Memories

Creative Memories traditional albums are now available with full color printed covers. They are available with Pages and Page Protectors, with Side-Loading Sleeves, or as coversets. The printed cover may be designed online at the Creative Memories Digital Center or, … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Creative Memories Digital Products

1. Durability – Our StoryBook pages don’t fall out. Hardcover books are stitched and softcover books are assembled with permanent PUR adhesive. International standards for high-quality books require permanent adhesives; yet, many companies use hot melt adhesives that fail over … Continue reading

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The Printed Copy Perseveres

I have been completing digital pages since 2001, long before Creative Memories started selling StoryBook Creator. For several years, I used the now obsolete Aunt Abigail to create digital pages. The features of this program are rudimentary by today’s standards, … Continue reading

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