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Effective Photo Editing

I’m three photo books behind and everybody want the photos from my last vacation. The problem is that photo editing is tedious and I don’t like to distribute photos until I have had a chance to go through them and … Continue reading

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How Adobe Defeated Me

I dislike subscription services and hate being committed to a monthly fee. I have resisted Adobe’s subscription-based business model for years. At work, I use an outdated version of Photoshop, and at home I have used various other image editing … Continue reading

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The downside of Adobe’s new business model

Adobe has changed from a business model that relies on software purchase for Photoshop and other products to one that requires a monthly subscription. I like Photoshop and have used it personally  and professionally for the last fifteen years; however, … Continue reading

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President Elect Trump puts Theil in charge of photoshop technology

In breaking news, President Elect Donald Trump has announced that he will appoint Peter Theil, Paypal co-founder and Facebook board member, to a new cabinet level position, Secretary of Alternate Reality. In his new role, Peter Theil will be responsible … Continue reading

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Secure Your Information

With online sites being hacked on a regular basis, I have decided to take additional steps to secure my photos, documents, and financial information. Here are the steps I have taken: Cloud storage – Boxcryptor encrypts information. Boxcryptor works with Dropbox and … Continue reading

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Panstoria is Forever

Panstoria is now Forever. Well, nothing lasts forever, but it is as close as it can get since Forever has now acquired Panstoria. Forever has an interesting business model in that they purport to store your photos forever (actually your … Continue reading

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Photoshop and the Renaissance

I am certainly glad they didn’t have Photoshop during the Renaissance. See What if classic paintings were Photoshopped like today’s magazines for more examples.

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Panstoria Artisan Replaces CM StoryBook Creator

Panstoria is the successor to Creative Memories digital product line. In this role, Panstoria continues to support StoryBook Creator, although it is now renamed Artisan. If you haven’t updated to Artisan, you may want to consider making the change. Artisan … Continue reading

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The Problem with Ahni and Zoe

Ahni & Zoe have problems, and it is not that Ahni is a porn star (see Ahni in Google Images). In case you have missed the news,  Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories is the name of Creative Memories’ new … Continue reading

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Panstoria Photo Book Review

Panstoria, the maker of Creative Memories StoryBook Creator, is launching their own line of photo books and other products through panstoria print shop. They also offer Artisan software. I received my first photo book yesterday and here is what I like, … Continue reading

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