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Our Memories For Life Albums Not Photo-Safe

I had a chance this morning to see the X-ray Fluoresence (XRF) results on Our Memories For Life’s album strap. Anything that contains 36% chlorine is not 100% photo-safe. Sorry, Youngevity.

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It’s a Blog

It’s a blog not a peer reviewed scientific journal. Yes, that’s right the All About Images Blog is not a scientific journal. Yesterday, I posted an update to my original report on album straps: “June 23, 2014: Youngevity’s Our Memories … Continue reading

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How to identify PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, which is also called PVC, harms photographs. Yet, it is not always clear whether a specific product contains PVC, and labels may be misleading. One indication is that the plasticizer in some PVC products smells like a new car. A better … Continue reading

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Add Dimension to Scrapbook Pages

An article in the San Francisco Examiner on Add Dimension to Scrapbooking Pages by Raising Stickers highlights using foam adhesive to add dimension to scrapbook pages. Raised stickers and embellishments add life to scrapbook pages, which gets back to my original point … Continue reading

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The Effect of Abrasion on Photos

I made a few albums “before jeeping” was added to the outside edge…………..My 1st sons album was looked at ALOT and yes ALL the glossy photos have abrasion marks on them. I hated it. Some may say it was minor … Continue reading

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More on Jeeping

Hamlet’s soliloquy To Jeep or Not to Jeep is highly controversial, and as current Chair of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) task group responsible for photo safety, I am qualified to address some of the more controversial aspects of this soliloquy. Specifically, … Continue reading

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To Jeep or Not to Jeep

HAMLET: To jeep, or not to jeep–that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the album to suffer The protrusions of outrageous embellishments Or to take reinforcement tape And by adhering it. To prevent, to end– No more PVC–and by a … Continue reading

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Get the Straps Right

Both the hydrochloric acid released by the breakdown of the PVC, and the stabilizers, plasticizers and other additives used In the PVC materials, pose threats to the preservation of photographs stored in such photograph albums or scrapbooks. Under appropriate conditions, … Continue reading

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Ahni and Zoe to Sell Only Pink Albums

Declaring that pink is their favorite color, Ahni and Zoe stated, “Any customer can have a strap-hinge album any color that she wants so long as it is pink.” In a similar vein, Ahni and Zoe will also offer pink … Continue reading

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An Open Letter: How to Make a High-Quality Album

Dear Ahni, Zoe, Youngevity, and other album manufacturers, It’s really not that hard. Here’s how to make a high-quality album in seven easy steps: No PVC. It’s simple. Avoid the material. I have never seen anything good come out of an … Continue reading

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