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CM Is Back

Creative Memories is back. It feels like Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. To review, we have had two bankruptcies, one new company, and a liquidation. As we left, Flowerdale had acquired the name, patents, and … Continue reading

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Annual Testing Ensures Photo Safety

If a particular material or product meets the requirements of this ISO standard there is no assurance that subsequent lots will have the same physical qualities or contain ingredients of the same chemical inertness. All materials or products shall therefore … Continue reading

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What is Creative Memories?

Creative Memories has filed for bankruptcy twice and their liquidation sale took place September 23-24. So, what is Creative Memories? There seems to be a lot of confusion on this point. Let’s start with what it is not. Heritage Maker’s … Continue reading

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Ahni and Zoe liquidate their assets

I attended Ahni and Zoe by Creative Memories’ liquidation auction yesterday. The auction was run by Grafe Auction and was professional in every respect. I had never attended an auction of this type so I learned quite a bit about … Continue reading

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All About Creative Memories

Yesterday was the last day for orders. Ahni, Zoe, and Creative Memories are now dead, although there is some hope that the Flowerdale Group will resurrect them later this year. Consultant Donna Lyn recently wrote about the Creative Memories Bankruptcy … Continue reading

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More about Ahni, Zoe, and Creative Memories

Ahni and Zoe are now history, at least in the U.S. and Canada. Their direct sales business  is joining the graveyard of failed businesses. Some of the products may reappear, since the production equipment, patents, and brand names have been … Continue reading

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Is 100% photo-safe the same as photo-safe?

Because 100% photo-safe and photo-safe are perceived differently, they are not the same. Here’s why. When Our Memories for Life promoted their albums as 100% photo-safe, my immediate response was you have to be kidding. How could they develop a product line … Continue reading

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Creative Memories Japan Sold

As announced on July 5, Mr. Caleb Hayhoe, Chairperson of Flowerdale Group Ltd., Hong Kong purchased Creative Memories Japan, Creative Memories and Ahni and Zoe brand names, and related production equipment.   He has named Yoko Amano General Manager of Creative … Continue reading

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Gang Warfare Continues

The battle between the Utah-based OMFL gang and the Minnesota-based Ahni and Zoe has heated up with Ahni and Zoe pulling pages out of OMFL’s scrapbooks. Ahni was reported to have said that it was so easy she couldn’t resist. … Continue reading

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12×12 Custom Post Album from Panstoria

Creative Memories no longer manufactures the Custom Album Cover, and while I liked this album it is no longer an option. So, what else is available?  If you’re willing to consider post bound albums, Panstoria offers the 12×12 Custom Post … Continue reading

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