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Creative Memories Announces Memory Disposal Service

Creative Memories has announced a new service, Memory Flush™, to help customers deal with unpleasant memories. In partnership with Kohler and American Standard, Memory Flush will safely dispose of failed relationships, former friends, and flawed family members. The new service … Continue reading

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Grocery ID Card

Very rarely do I support Trump, but I have to support his grocery ID card. I develop systems to produce IDs, driver’s licenses, and credit cards, and I like the expanded market. Everybody who buys groceries will now need an … Continue reading

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Trump Baby sighted over Washington, D.C.

The U.K. is getting a balloon  to celebrate Trump’s visit. Something is wrong. Why is the balloon in London and not in Washington, D.C.? Fortunately, this problem is easily fixed. Photoshop to the rescue. I removed Trump Baby from a … Continue reading

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CM Introduces New Natural Disaster Albums

Due to continued global warming and the resulting increase in natural disasters, Creative Memories announced today that they are introducing a new line of Natural Disaster Albums. According to Creative Memories, “These new albums provide our customers with the means … Continue reading

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Creative Memories Announces Trump Days Photo Mounting Paper

Continuing in the tradition of Ahni and Zoe’s highly successful School Rocks Fast2Fab Album, Creative Memories has announced the new limited-edition Trump Days photo mounting paper. This new paper pack is sure to delight scrapbookers looking to document the Trump presidency. … Continue reading

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All new cameras must have Automatic Double Chin Removal

In a new executive order that will effectively ban film-based cameras, President Donald Trump is requiring that cameras and camera phones incorporate Automatic Double Chin Removal (ADCR) technology. “Look,” said Trump, “I am tired of seeing photos of my double … Continue reading

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Trump’s inauguration crowd size

The controversy over the crowd size and Trump’s inauguration misses the entire point. The fact is that through the miracle of Photoshop technology, Trump can have whatever size crowd he wants. To show how easy it is, here is Trump’s … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-unicorn

Kim Jong-un, supreme leader of North Korea, recently released a new photo, with many interpretations appearing on the internet, including Kim Trump, Lil’ Kim, and Mona Kim. Kim Jong-unicorn is my contribution to this endeavor. No word yet on whether Kim … Continue reading

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President Elect Trump puts Theil in charge of photoshop technology

In breaking news, President Elect Donald Trump has announced that he will appoint Peter Theil, Paypal co-founder and Facebook board member, to a new cabinet level position, Secretary of Alternate Reality. In his new role, Peter Theil will be responsible … Continue reading

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Climbing Mount Everest

This afternoon, I didn’t have anything to do, so like Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod and Kim Jong-un, I climbed Mount Everest. I opened up Photoshop and began editing. It really wasn’t that difficult. A few cloned body parts and a search for … Continue reading

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