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Free Is Not Sustainable

It’s not particularly surprising, but free online photo products do not appear to be a sustainable business model. See  

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Metal Prints Last Three Times Longer

According to Wilhelm Imaging Research, metal prints last three times longer than conventional photographic prints. That’s good news. With metal prints, you can not only display your photos, but they will last longer as well. This is the information Fine Art Printer … Continue reading

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Online Photo Services

Last week hackers compromised the photo processing service behind Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS, and other photo sites, shutting them down until early August. Fortunately, I do not have an urgent need for photo prints before then. This ability to shut … Continue reading

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New Mouse Pad

  I created a new mouse pad with Pantoria’s Artisan software. What do you think?

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Snowden Reveals Existence of NSA Billion Camera Program

Former NSA Contractor Edward Snowden has just revealed that the NSA is planning to install a billion cameras around the country. These cameras will put the average American under the surveillance of at least three cameras at any one time. In … Continue reading

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Lifetouch Reinforces One Child Polcy

As the new school year begins, the nation’s main school photography company reiterated its one child policy. According to an official statement from the Peoples Republic of Lifetouch, “Families can have any number of children, as long as that number … Continue reading

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Fujifilm develops new system to print kids’ artwork

Recognizing the market potential in artwork reproduction, Fujifilm has developed the Reliefography printing process. This process uses 3D technology inkjet technology to create high-quality copies, and at only $34,000 a copy, it is perfect for making duplicates of school projects. … Continue reading

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Photo Gifts Without Borders

I have never agreed with restricting sales geographically. Consequently, I am glad to see that CM’s Photo Panels are now available in Australia and New Zealand. With the internet and social networking, the world is simply to transparent to arbitrarily … Continue reading

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Make Quality a Habit

According to Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture by Ellen Shell, low priced products have become a national habit. From Walmart to Ikea to the Outlet Mall we purchase products at the lowest possible price without regard to whether … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Lifetouch

Dear Lifetouch, I appreciate the effort you put into taking photos off the students in the Osseo School District. I specifically like the CDs that I am able to order each year; however, I have a number of concerns with … Continue reading

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