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Video Storage with Forever

In August, Forever launched added video storage to their photo preservation site. I saw the email but put off transferring videos to my site until now.  First, I would like to congratulate Forever in meeting the timeline they announced in … Continue reading

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Data Storage for 13.8 Billion Years or How Not to Estimate Expected Lifetime

Scientists at the University of Southampton have come up with a new data storage system expected to last 13.8 billion years at 190°C (370°F). This system uses glass discs to optically encode 360 TB of data. I don’t believe this … Continue reading

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Understanding Digital Preservation

[Presented at RootsTech 2016 in Salt Lake City, February 4-5, 2016. This presentation is an update to my previous presentation at Forever Live!, Preservation is Forever] This past year I went to Disney with my family. The trip lased one week; yet, … Continue reading

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Bit Rot

The Domesday Book enumerating much of England has survived since 1086 in the National Archives at Kew in London. The electronic version of the project, the BBC Domesday Project, did not fare nearly as well. The BBC Project was completed … Continue reading

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Durable Information

What’s The Most Durable Way To Store Information? 1. Engrave it on a piece of platinum. 2. Bury the platinum in the desert Popular Science, December 2013 Apparently, the most durable way to preserve information is to engrave it on platinum … Continue reading

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Megapixel War Enters New Era

Scientists have developed a new technique that will allow one DVD to store an astonishing 10.6 years of high definition video. The breakthrough will increase the storage capacity of a DVD from just 4.7 gigabytes to 1000 terabytes… and in … Continue reading

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Step-By-Step Guide to a Permanent Digital StoryBook Backup

I have received a number of requests to provide more details on creating a digital backup disc for StoryBooks. A printed photo book remains the best backup for digital photos. The following procedure assumes that you have already printed your … Continue reading

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StoryBook Creator Makes DVD Cases

I recently created a DVD to back up all my photo books (and one calendar) in Backup Photo Book Files. Now I have a custom DVD case to put it in. I took advantage of StoryBook Creator’s ability to create … Continue reading

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Backup Photo Book Files

I finally did it. I created a backup of all my photo books, taking advantage of StoryBook Creator 4.0’s ability to export files in an industry standard PDF format. I exported 14 photo books for a total of 2.79 GB. … Continue reading

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Creative Memories Dictionary Update

Creative Memories has updated the Creative Memories Dictionary. This long overdue update clarifies the terms we use for digital and traditional products. New definitions include 4xD, bleed, color balance, color temperature, compression, dpi, file format, full bleed, gutter, hue, opacity, … Continue reading

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