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Preserving More Than Memories

Trump and the Republican have created a looming debt crisis through their massive tax cuts for the wealthy. Trump’s response is an apathetic “Yeah, but I won’t be here.” Trump’s actions toward the environment are similarly destructive, and his refusal … Continue reading

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Video Storage with Forever

In August, Forever launched added video storage to their photo preservation site. I saw the email but put off transferring videos to my site until now.  First, I would like to congratulate Forever in meeting the timeline they announced in … Continue reading

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My Cloud Camera

My Cloud Camera offers free, unlimited storage of camera phone photos and videos. It solves the “Out of Storage Space” problem when taking  cell phone photos or videos. My Cloud Camera automatically uploading all photos and videos to the cloud. It is available for iOs and … Continue reading

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Long-Term Preservation of Photo Books

Preservation of photo books requires preserving the digital file as well as the physical photo book since millennials and others frequently prefer digital photos to an actual book. This is theory behind a presentation I gave at Forever Live! on … Continue reading

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Picturelife is no more

It is with great sorrow that I report the death of the internet photo storage site, Picturelife. Picturelife, whose tag line was “protect your photos,” relied on charging $5-$15 per month or $50-$150 per year for online photo and video … Continue reading

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6 Ways Your Photos are in Danger

Forever has a new publication available describing 6 Ways Your Photos are in Danger. It contains a lot of useful information and is worth reading. I feel sorry for Jan Curn and her loss of 8,000 photos she had relied … Continue reading

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No More Picasa

In case you missed the news, Google is shutting down Picasa on May 1, 2016, forcing everyone onto Google Photos or perhaps encouraging them to use another service all together. If you are in the later group you might want to … Continue reading

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Save PDFs with Forever

Forever now supports preservation of PDF files.  This change allows photo books created with Artisan to be preserved as a single file, eliminating any chance that the pages will be come separated or lost. Now I can preserve my photos with … Continue reading

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Understanding Digital Preservation

[Presented at RootsTech 2016 in Salt Lake City, February 4-5, 2016. This presentation is an update to my previous presentation at Forever Live!, Preservation is Forever] This past year I went to Disney with my family. The trip lased one week; yet, … Continue reading

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