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Elementary School Teachers Please Stop

Elementary school teachers please stop teaching our children that the primary colors are yellow, red, and blue. This bizarre combination of  additive and subtractive primaries serves only to instill confusion and limit their understanding of the real world. My son came … Continue reading

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Why the Scrapbook Industry Is in Decline

Walmart, Target, and Michaels no longer devote huge areas of their stores to scrapbooking and many specialty retailers have gone out of business entirely. According to Google Trends, search volume for scrapbooking and scrapbook has declined 70 percent since its … Continue reading

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Cardboard credit cards

I am glad they decided not to make credit cards out of cardboard. Apparently, the original prototypes were made out of cardboard. These credit cards probably wouldn’t hold up until the first bill arrived, let alone for multiple years. On … Continue reading

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All About Memory

Physiologically we are no different than our ancestors  who painted images of bison on the walls of the Lascaux cave in France, among the earliest cultural artifacts to have survived to the present day….All that differs us from them is our … Continue reading

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The Demise of Kodak?

Two recent articles, Kodak’s Long Fade to Black and Kodak Is a Walking Corpse of a Company and That Makes Us Sad, highlight the difficulty the once dominant American film-maker is facing. Kodak is currently losing $70 million/month, in spite … Continue reading

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The Irony of Preservation

Does it not seem ironic that chances are, the older the media, the longer they are likely to survive in a usable form? Sheet music from 200 years ago is as good now as the day it was written. Can … Continue reading

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Custom Albums Were Worth Waiting For

Today, Creative Memories launches the You Create It Custom Album. This is a milestone worth noting. I started work on the custom album cover project eleven years ago, in the year 2000. Most of the people who were involved with … Continue reading

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Tour the Kodak Underground Archives

At the ISO standards meeting in Rochester, I had a chance to see the underground camera archives at the Eastman House. All of Kodak’s cameras, including many cameras that were never mass produced, are stored here. The Eastman house also … Continue reading

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Who invented printing?

Why do we credit Gutenberg, who lived from 1398 to 1468, with the invention of movable type, when this innovation was known in China by the 11th century and in Korea in the 13th century? See History of Printing in East … Continue reading

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