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World Photo Day

I learned today from Facebook that August 19 is World Photo Day. In fact, August 19 has been World Photo Day since 2010. It celebrates the French government’s purchase of the original photography patent for the daguerreotype on August 19, 1839. … Continue reading

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Like Doesn’t Mean Like

My Facebook news feed is infested with ads for Artisan State photo books. Facebook even tells me that lots of my friends like Artisan State photo books. I previously wrote about Artisan State in Photo Books to Avoid expressing my … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Update Your Facebook Photo

My Facebook cover photo still showed Christmas and my portrait was several years old. My wife was complaining that Christmas had long since passed and that I needed to reflect the season, so I took some time during lunch today … Continue reading

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Photography Is Now Antifragile

The photography industry landscape from KBS+ Ventures illustrates the complex web of relationships that now dominate imaging. No longer can a single company control its own destiny. In fact, the success of any company in imaging is dependent on how … Continue reading

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Information is not the problem

Frequently, when I post links to information about Creative Memories, I receive replies indicating that I should not have posted the information or that the information is somehow responsible for the problems at Creative Memories. I also receive many emails … Continue reading

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Download Your Information from Facebook

I just discovered how easy it is to get photos and other information back from Facebook; consequently, I am now planning to back up my Facebook data, all 150 megabytes. This option has probably existed for a while, but I … Continue reading

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Who Actually Sees Photos on Facebook

I simply do not understand which posts Facebook decides to show and which posts remain hidden. Sometimes Facebook even decides that no more posts are available, when they clearly should be. I recently received an  Invitation telling me that I needed … Continue reading

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Digital Photos Reveal Private Details

I had never given it much thought, but we should all be aware that digital photos may contain location information that we may not want everyone to see. Camera phones add this information, which is stored along with the photos. … Continue reading

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Facebook: Now With Larger Photos

Facebook is now keeping all uploaded photos at 720 pixels for the longest dimension, instead of 604 pixels. This 20% increase will improve the quality of Facebook photos, allowing users to create better quality photos and projects from images uploaded to Facebook. This … Continue reading

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iPhone Photos & StoryBook Creator – Christmas 2009

I received my holiday StoryBook yesterday. It was a 7×5 soft cover book created without a camera or at least without a traditional camera. I took all the photos on my iPhone, transferred them to my PC, and brought them into … Continue reading

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