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The Problem with Flattened PDF Files and Text

PDF files are incredibly useful. They are used for everything from industrial production of photo products to archiving digital files for preservation. The problem is not all PDF files are created equal. Text, in particular, relies on sharp, high-contrast edges … Continue reading

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Long-Term Preservation of Photo Books

Preservation of photo books requires preserving the digital file as well as the physical photo book since millennials and others frequently prefer digital photos to an actual book. This is theory behind a presentation I gave at Forever Live! on … Continue reading

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Digital Preservation of Photo Books

I presented a paper on Long-Term Digital Preservation of Photo Books at the International Symposium on Technologies for Digital Photo Fulfillment in Manchester, England. In this presentation, I highlighted the need to think about photo books as more than a printed … Continue reading

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Solid-State Drives Fail

Solid-state drives are replacing hard disk drives for many applications. These drives are fast and have low power consumption. They use the same type of memory found in USB flash drives and camera memory cards. Google  and Facebook have recently published studies … Continue reading

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All About Images Is Now Preserved Forever

After much effort, All About Images is now preserved Forever. I converted all my past posts to two PDF files and uploaded those files to Forever’s Guaranteed Storage. I eventually settled on BlogBooker, which is a free service, although you … Continue reading

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Save PDFs with Forever

Forever now supports preservation of PDF files.  This change allows photo books created with Artisan to be preserved as a single file, eliminating any chance that the pages will be come separated or lost. Now I can preserve my photos with … Continue reading

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Understanding Digital Preservation

[Presented at RootsTech 2016 in Salt Lake City, February 4-5, 2016. This presentation is an update to my previous presentation at Forever Live!, Preservation is Forever] This past year I went to Disney with my family. The trip lased one week; yet, … Continue reading

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