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Zink Twice about Polaroid

Warning: Polaroid cameras that produce Zink photos are not recommended for preserving memories. Polaroid or should I say what’s left of Polaroid continues to push instant photography, including cameras that produce Zink direct thermal prints. Camera models include Snap, Snap … Continue reading

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Why I bought a New Camera

I finally took the leap and replaced my twelve year old digital SLR with a brand new Nikon D7500. I had purchased a Nikon D70s when my youngest son was born so I was somewhat attached to the camera; however … Continue reading

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Camera Stores Headed for Extinction

Camera stores have reached a point in their evolution where they are no longer able to breed and produce new camera stores; consequently extinction is inevitable. This species of retail outlet has a business model is no longer viable. Margins have been … Continue reading

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March for Science: All About Images

The March for Science will take place April 22, 2017 in Washington, D.C., St. Paul, MN, and elsewhere. This march is not for just Democrats or Republicans. Instead, it is a non-political march designed to highlight the importance of science … Continue reading

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Nobody could have predicted…

Note: I wrote the attached post November 13, 2015 but did not publish it because of the court case related to the Creative Memories employee stock ownership plan. The judge that presided over the case now concluded that the potential … Continue reading

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Reading Closed Books

Now you don’t even have to open a book to read it! That’s right, scientists at MIT have invented a new camera that is able to read closed books. The new camera uses tetrahertz radiation to determine the position of … Continue reading

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Canon Introduces New Closet Cam

Canon has introduced the new MH20F-SH camera designed specifically for taking photos in closets. With an ISO rating of 4,000,000, this camera is capable of shooting in near total darkness. According to Canon’s Director of Marketing, I. C. Hu, “Customers have an … Continue reading

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Wonka Wants a New Camera

Cameras are going to the dogs. Nikon has designed a new dog camera. When this new camera becomes available, it will take a photo whenever Wonka becomes excited and his heart rate increases. I am expecting photos of every bicyclist, jogger, … Continue reading

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The Invention of Photography

Who invented photography? The answer isn’t as clear as it might be, since a number of people developed photographic systems in the 1830s and 1840s. Roger Watson and Helen Rappaport’s Capturing the Light: The Birth of Photography, a True Story of … Continue reading

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Are you a camerist?

From the Pembina Pioneer Express in 1898, we know that Alex Harris of Carlisle, North Dakota is a “camerist.” I like that word better than photographer. The Pioneer Express also asks, “…is there not someplace on earth where cameras do … Continue reading

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