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3D Printing Can’t Come Fast Enough

Yesterday, I purchased a replacement tailgate lock cylinder for a 2003 Cadillac Escalade for $200, and that was after searching on the internet for the lowest possible price. The cylinder was about 2″ long and came in a UPS Priority … Continue reading

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Fujifilm develops new system to print kids’ artwork

Recognizing the market potential in artwork reproduction, Fujifilm has developed the Reliefography printing process. This process uses 3D technology inkjet technology to create high-quality copies, and at only $34,000 a copy, it is perfect for making duplicates of school projects. … Continue reading

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Print me a pizza

NASA, originator of the manned mission to the moon, the space shuttle, and the Mars rover, is now developing a printer to produce food, with pizza their first project. Their goal is to take all the constituents that make up … Continue reading

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The All New Body Shop

The term body shop is taking on new meaning as scientists figure out how to use 3D printers to create everything from a skull to an ear to human cartilage. There’s even a printer that may be able to use¬†embryonic … Continue reading

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