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Fujifilm Enters Megapixel Wars with New Selfie Cam

With its latest camera, Fujifilm is taking on the industry megapixel leader Sigma and their 46 megapixel cameras. Fujifilm’s new digital camera, the X-A2 has fewer megapixels but the megapixels are selfie megapixels, which according to Fujifilm are at least three times … Continue reading

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Megapixel War Enters New Era

Scientists have developed a new technique that will allow one DVD to store an astonishing 10.6 years of high definition video. The breakthrough will increase the storage capacity of a DVD from just 4.7 gigabytes to 1000 terabytes… and in … Continue reading

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North Korea Enters the Megapixel Wars

North Korea has entered the Megapixel Wars with a newly designed 280-megapixel sensor. Their supreme leader Kim Jong-un was reported to say, “Our country has the most megapixels, and we will attack anyone who threatens us with all our megapixels.” … Continue reading

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Megapixel War Update

The battle continues with the announcement of a new 70-megapixel sensor from CMOSIS. This sensor takes meaningless specifications to new levels with 70 million pixels. Consequently, it will be able to capture photos of kids, dogs, and cats at an even … Continue reading

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More than Megapixels

An article appeared in the New York Times on August 19 illustrating the point I have been trying to make that image quality is determined by more than megapixels. The Sony DSC-WX1 was recommended and fared significantly better than the … Continue reading

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Will the megapixel wars ever end?

At PMA, I attended several presentations by Sony and was impressed with their alpha A900 digital SLR and its 24.6 megapixel resolution. The presenters were extremely effective in showing the possibilities created with a sensor of this size. I was … Continue reading

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The One Device

Brian Merchant provides a comprehensive history of the development of the iPhone in The One Device. This book shows that Steve Jobs did not invent the iPhone. Instead, many engineers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to develop the iPhone. These … Continue reading

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Nobody could have predicted…

Note: I wrote the attached post November 13, 2015 but did not publish it because of the court case related to the Creative Memories employee stock ownership plan. The judge that presided over the case now concluded that the potential … Continue reading

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North Korea Photoshop War

North Korea continues to fight its wars with Photoshop, rather than military weapons. Most recently, North Korea used photo editing technology to launch missiles from submarines. What I would like to know is whether or not the U.S. and its … Continue reading

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An Amazing Poem About Selfies

As I lift my finger and press the button, a dense forest of transistors, organize themselves like a civilization out of the desert, forming a path for the flow of electricity, so measured out of the trillions of possibilities, one … Continue reading

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