North Korea Shrinks Nuclear Weopons

North Korea's new miniature nuclear weapon on parade with the older full-size version

North Korea’s new miniature nuclear weapon on parade with the older full-size version

In a followup report to the recent announcement that North Korea has used Photoshop to launch missiles from submarines, we have now learned that North Korea has applied its Photoshop capability to miniaturize nuclear weapons. “With Photoshop we can have any size nuclear weapon we want,” exclaimed an excited Kim Jong Un.

To create miniature nuclear weapons, North Korea was reported to have applied a 10% scaling factor through Photoshop’s Image Size command. “The possibilities are endless, declared Kim Jong Un.” We can create even smaller nuclear weapons using a 1%  scaling factor and at the other end of the spectrum, we can use a 1000% scaling factor to create extremely large nuclear weapons.” World leaders expressed concern that Kim Jong Un would apply the 1000% scaling factor twice in succession, creating nuclear weapons that are 100 times larger than existing weapons.

In response to North Korea’s use of Photoshop, computer software producer Adobe is reportedly developing an update to its popular package that will automatically recognize photos of nuclear weapons and refuse to apply scaling factors when those images are detected.

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