Wonka White

Wonka  White

Minion Yellow_2In case you missed the latest news, Pantone has announced a new color, Minion Yellow. Minion Yellow is based on the new upcoming Minions movie, scheduled for release on July 10. It is “an illuminating, energetic, friendly and fun-loving yellow shade that immediately calls out to you.”

With Pantone’s inspiration, I would like to announce my new color for 2015. Drum roll, please. My new color is Wonka White.

Wonka White is an off white with hints of mud and a touch of grass stain. It is a neutral color that is well suited for today’s environment. Wonka White is clean, with a touch of nature. It doesn’t clash with other colors and goes particularly well with any color couch or soft pillow that may be present. Wonka White is easily cleaned with oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.

The next time you are thinking about painting a room, or if you simply need a well placed accent color, think Wonka White. You can visit Home Depot or Lowes and ask for it by name – Wonka White.

About Mark Mizen

At Creative Memories, I evaluate photographic products and related materials so that today's memories are not lost to the future and then communicate this information to Creative Memories Consultants and their customers. My interests extend from preservation of traditional photographs to the production of photo books to the expected longevity of electronic image files. My long-term objective is to direct the development of technology that meets consumers needs for high-quality products.
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3 Responses to Wonka White

  1. Sally Runnalls says:

    I like Wonka White much better than Minion Yellow for sure. Will Wonka come help me paint?

  2. Mark Mizen says:

    No, but he will bark at you if you do it wrong.

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