Kodak and Film


“Film has been – and will remain – a vital part of our culture,” said Jeff Clarke, Kodak chief executive officer. “With the support of the studios, we will continue to provide motion picture film, with its unparalleled richness and unique textures, to enable filmmakers to tell their stories and demonstrate their art.” Kodak Press Release, February 4, 2015

Film is a photo sensitive material that detects photons reflected off real world objects, and digital camera sensors detect the same photons. While these sensors may have slightly different responses, it is a relatively simple matter to convert one response into another. Where is the unparalleled richness and unique textures? It is a figment of Jeff Clarke’s imagination. It exists only in the delusional corporate culture at Kodak and perhaps in the minds of some Hollywood directors.

By their very nature, digital photos have more flexibility than film, and there are no unique textures. Mobile apps for camera phones give digital photos options that film never had, and computer software provides even greater capabilities.

For more about the delusions at Kodak see Kodak Alaris and the Fallacy of Film and Kodak Still Doesn’t Get It.

About Mark Mizen

At Creative Memories, I evaluate photographic products and related materials so that today's memories are not lost to the future and then communicate this information to Creative Memories Consultants and their customers. My interests extend from preservation of traditional photographs to the production of photo books to the expected longevity of electronic image files. My long-term objective is to direct the development of technology that meets consumers needs for high-quality products.
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