Creative Memories, Costco, and KISS


We now know what has become of Creative Memories. New new re-branded Creative Memories (NNRBCM) remains a direct sales company, with a somewhat simplified career plan. Advisors get a discount and they can sign other advisors up under them.

Unfortunately, the actual plan is not simple. Instead of focusing on producing and selling high-quality products for photo preservation, NNRBCM has generated a byzantine labyrinth of policies, procedures, and restrictions that serve little purpose except to limit the potential reach of Creative Memories. The problem with twenty-four pages of rules is that they are one-sided, serving only to limit potential activities of potential recruits. They divert attention from the benefits and features of NNRBCM’s products into a discussion of what is allowed and not allowed. It is hard to believe that NNRBCM has the desire and resources for protracted legal battles.

The world does not have to be this complex. For comparison, the Costco membership agreement, which allows resale of all products except alcohol. is two pages long and contains almost no legalese (see pages 14-15 of their membership brochure). By all accounts, Costco is successful.

Go ahead and give it a try, Creative Memories. Revise your agreement and remember KISS “Keep it simple, stupid”. Everyone will be better off.


About Mark Mizen

I have over twenty years professional experience in all aspects of photography and digital imaging. I am Chair of the ISO WG5 TG2 committee responsible for physical properties and durability of imaging material and am currently with HID Global working on systems for security printing for IDs, licenses, and credit cards. Previously, I was Director of Digital Development at Creative Memories from 2009 to 2012 and was responsible for the Creative Memories digital products and services. I also established and directed the Creative Memories Technology Center, which evaluated new products prior to product introduction, assisted with production difficulties, and provided technical information to support product sales.
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3 Responses to Creative Memories, Costco, and KISS

  1. Fran says:

    I thoroughly disagree with this assessment and I find it unfair. As a 13 year Creative Memories/Ahni and Zoe consultant I have perspective and never has the business been easier with fewer strings attached than it is today. No minimums, no monthly product launches to keep up with, no titles, no expectations of teaching classes, no restrictions on being an advisor or affiliate for other companies (related or unrelated to other companies) and not even a fee for a monthly website. I cannot imagine anything more simple and appealing than that for CM’s longtime fans and potential advisors.

    • Mark Mizen says:

      I am not claiming that the new Creative Memories career plan itself is complex. I like a number of things about the plan, including the items you mentioned. i am saying that the 24 page policies and procedure manual is overly complex. I am sorry if that is not clear.

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