12×12 Custom Post Album from Panstoria

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photo_editCreative Memories no longer manufactures the Custom Album Cover, and while I liked this album it is no longer an option. So, what else is available?  If you’re willing to consider post bound albums, Panstoria offers the 12×12 Custom Post Album. This album contains polypropylene top-loading pages, has no PVC  components, and is available for $34.99. Best of all, the front and back of the album can be customized, unlike the earlier Creative Memories album, which only allowed the front to be customized.


About Mark Mizen

I have over twenty years professional experience in all aspects of photography and digital imaging. I am Chair of the ISO WG5 TG2 committee responsible for physical properties and durability of imaging material and am currently with HID Global working on systems for security printing for IDs, licenses, and credit cards. Previously, I was Director of Digital Development at Creative Memories from 2009 to 2012 and was responsible for the Creative Memories digital products and services. I also established and directed the Creative Memories Technology Center, which evaluated new products prior to product introduction, assisted with production difficulties, and provided technical information to support product sales.
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8 Responses to 12×12 Custom Post Album from Panstoria

  1. Elaine says:

    Great suggestion. Only problem is I’ve always hated the post-bound, top-loading albums, which is why Creative Memories was such a wonderful company/product for me.

  2. Sally Runnalls says:

    It’s tempting, but “No, I won’t resort to a Post Album”. Yes, I have used them but they’ve all been replaced with CM albums. I’ll wait more and hope that HM will produce one comparable to the one CM had. I have several of those & I made 26 of them for other people. Thanks again for the timely update Mark.

    • Sara Hoefs says:

      If anyone is tempted by the custom cover but doesn’t like post bound, there is a product available to convert the posts to a “Snapload” The album/cover still functions the same way (the pages won’t lie flat without those spacers – and maybe not even then) but you don’t have to deal with the posts and extenders, making it much easier to add pages. I haven’t used the conversion kit, but it’s by Pioneer. Just an fyi for anyone interested… 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Thank you for the information.

  4. Deni says:

    Ugghhh….that is not a good-looking album.

  5. Maria says:

    Mark, I too, mourn the loss of the CM custom coverset. Have you had the chance to check out the one from Heritage Makers? I am no longer with CM/AZ/ nor did I follow Rhonda to HM but am looking for my best option for my son’s HS album.

    • It’s my understanding that Heritage Makers and Panstoria use the same supplier (Utah Print Solutions?) for their albums, so this report about the Panstoria album would be the same for both companies. Price point at HM is lower if you are a Gold Club member ($33.33), and even lower if you are a distributor with Gold ($28.48). I, too, hope that they will come out with a strap hinge version of this album instead of the post bound.

  6. Heather Joyce says:

    Thanks for all the ideas! I’m still looking for the right answer after CM is gone. HM doesn’t cut it for me and I’m unsure of Panstoria still. Please keep the blogs going and continue to let us know what you are doing and what is “safe” for our memories! Thank you!

    Here’s to your health with essential oils,


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