The Problem with Ahni and Zoe


Ahni & Zoe have problems, and it is not that Ahni is a porn star (see Ahni in Google Images).

In case you have missed the news,  Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories is the name of Creative Memories’ new company.

 The basic premise is this:

  1. Click with the inawink iPhone App.
  2. Print photos using their print service.
  3. Share with Fast2Fab and Slide-In Albums.

The problem is that Ahni & Zoe rely on group sales, and not everyone has iPhones. In fact, in the U.S. more people have Android phones than iPhones, and we haven’t even talked about the people who don’t have smart phones at all. See Who’s Winning, iOS or Android? for the exact breakdown.

This split recreates the PC vs. Mac discussion that took place when Creative Memories only offered PC software for creating digital products. Yes, I know that Creative Memories did eventually offer Mac software, but that was a botched implementation of little value.

Now, Rather than discuss, the benefits of their products, Ahni and Zoe will be forced to explain why they only have an iPhone app at every event. The iPhone app creates an unwinnable argument that will only detract from product sales.

Ahni & Zoe have promised support for additional platforms in the future, but that is of little value now.

My advice to Ahni & Zoe is don’t quit your day job.


About Mark Mizen

I have over twenty years professional experience in all aspects of photography and digital imaging. I am Chair of the ISO WG5 TG2 committee responsible for physical properties and durability of imaging material and am currently with HID Global working on systems for security printing for IDs, licenses, and credit cards. Previously, I was Director of Digital Development at Creative Memories from 2009 to 2012 and was responsible for the Creative Memories digital products and services. I also established and directed the Creative Memories Technology Center, which evaluated new products prior to product introduction, assisted with production difficulties, and provided technical information to support product sales.
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90 Responses to The Problem with Ahni and Zoe

  1. Barbara Newby says:

    I do agree. My first thought was how the Android users are being left out just like the traditional scrapbookers.

  2. Jill McLeester says:

    I totally agree. The audacity of this company to continue to contend that they rule the “scrap booking” roost is unfathomable.

  3. Gwen says:

    Harsh, but exactly what I was thinking. BTW, those with computer tech backgrounds call what you are describing Vaporware. Quite popular actually: you might want to blog about its contributions and success stories!

  4. Debbie V says:

    Boy, are you striking a nerve with me on this subject! Reminds me the necessity of knowing your audience and doing what you are doing well. I have felt that CM lost the definition of their audience but I felt that the did well what they did! Wondering ( and hoping) if they will be more successful with the iPhone than the MAC

  5. Lucy M says:

    Meh whilst I may rant and rave about the lack of Android app in private, the truth of the matter is that iPhones are percieved as sexier, plus there are fewer screen sizes to contend with when creating an iApp, so it’s easier to develop. Hardy anybody chooses to develop for both at the same time, they get one out and then start on the other if it’s a success. And in most cases the iApp comes first.

  6. Shirley Hamblen says:

    I am an Android user. I do not feel “left out.”

  7. Larry Rood says:

    A&Z seem to be following the trend, what they are offering to the digital scrapbooker is very similiar to Kodak Easy Share, ans others, except that A&Z is limited (for now) to the iPhone/IPad and Kodak has both.

  8. Louanna Wasson says:

    AMEN!!! Glad I wasn’t planning on following them!!

  9. Cynthia Rogers says:

    I have faith in Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories, you are missing it. It is the mission of this wonderful company and great albums and pages that we look for. I am looking forward to many years with them! And my customers are so happy to see the fast to fab.

    • MLanders says:

      I have several CM albums and was a consultant at one time. I didn’t like it when CM went the digital route because it felt like the “traditional scrapper” was being left behind. Now with this new company, is there such a thing as “tranditional” anymore?

    • Celina J Fortin says:

      I am so glad that your customers are pleased with the new downsize in the product line. I will admit there is potential there. But mostly geared to a new fan base. Those of us who love creating and designing are left out. I feel that A&Z will increase their line in time, but it will take a while. I hope they survive to meet all the needs of all scrap bookers. I was so sad for the company and for myself, my friends, and my consultant. She was forced to look elsewhere if she wanted to stay in this type business till she retires. Her 1000 plus customers were all going to buy elsewhere. They might buy albums and wallpaper the pages, but would have to buy paper, stickers, markers, tools, embellishments, ect… From other companies. She would lose thousands. I know many other consultants were in the same shoe. So very sad. I loved CM and bought most every product for 12 years. I will sorely miss them. Luckily I will not have to live without my scrapbook sisters as our consultant has teamed up with CTMH. We will adjust. I pray you and others like you do very very well. Hopefully the company can grow if enough people stick with it and a new crop of scrapers get on board. Then maybe all of us will find what we need in the company. Best of luck and God bless. CJC

    • Sally says:

      Unfortunately, they are not great albums and great pages anymore. I had my first hands on look at some of the products and the quality is really disappointing. The albums are of cheap quality–shiny and slick. After several people looking at them, they already had dings. The pre-printed pages—well yes, wallpapering is an option, but should not be necessary. If they wanted to “keep it simple” they should have stuck with the tried and true product. Unfortunately, what I find in Michaels etc. is of far superior quality, now. I miss the old CM!

  10. A & Z by CM made it very clear in the training calls that early in 2014, it will be able to be used on ANY computer.

  11. Sherrie says:

    I am not a member of the the target marker. Not time starved. Traditional scrapper for eight years. Prefer Kodak paper. Own a dumb phone. Oh, yeah, and I spend on average, $600 per month on my hobby. AZCM has made it clear, by not meeting my needs, that they don’t want my money any more. I am feeling sad, lonely and left out. Maybe there is a support group for me at a CTMH or SU workshop?

    • Carol R says:

      I feel the same way. I’m mourning the death of Traditional Creative Memories scrap booking.

      • Lyn says:

        I think mourning is a bit premature. While the CM line is smaller I love that it is more flexible. How cool that you can now put any of our pages in any album!! My customers who like the white pages are just going to the sleeves. No biggy!!

      • Jmasloski says:

        They still have the same great strap-hinge coversets and 12×12 slide in pages that many of my custpomers actaully prefer.

    • I agree Sherrie, I love traditional scrapbooking. I have been a CTMH consultant for almost 4 years and it is such a great company you should definitely check it out, I would love to support you.

    • Seriously? I left the CM fold at least a decade ago, when it was made clear I was not welcome at my consultant’s workshops if I was working on albums from any other source. Didn’t matter that I was still interested in purchasing all of the peripheral products from her and never discussed the source of my far friendlier-use albums. There is an entire universe of products out there that are not proprietary and, in my opinion, this was the tack that led CM directly to Chapter 11. Don’t waste time feeling sad or in any way left out – it’s time to branch out, baby! 🙂

      • Avid Scrapper says:

        Wow, really? You let one consultant’s way of doing things ruin your opinion of the whole company? Isn’t that like one person’s misdeeds making you prejudice against a whole race of people? I have attended A LOT of crops/workshops over the years (been scrapbooking with CM since 1993) and I have NEVER run into a consultant that required we use only CM albums/products. I know there are some out there that do, but they are much more rare than those that don’t. What a shame that you missed out on all of the wonderful things CM had to offer because of one consultant’s narrow-mindedness.

  12. Brenda says:

    In looking at this I think the “new” CM is nothing impressive. I have purchased these “very cheap pre-done albums” on clearance from Big Lots, Michaels clearance, and ProEx when they got rid of them for my kids to use. These are way overpriced for what you get–I paid $10, $12, $20 on sale/clearance…and am glad I didn’t pay a dime more.

    My albums actually appear cuter than what I see online in the booklet too…Kid’s activities and trip…They were cute…however, for the most part, the cute album we used probably 3/4 of the pages, but they laid out photo blanks…which don’t always fit the horiz/vertical layout of what you need, nor the color. Basically a few pages were okay and the rest a waste. Sadly we can do better using a Snapfish/SAMS Club-type online program and doing a digital album with their pre-done/just add-text pages. They’re cheaper also.

    I was hoping the “new” CM would take scrapbooking seriously, and this appears to be a “cookie-cutter” outsourced cheap alternative. CM cared about it’s customer’s needs, made QUALITY products, and made sure things were archival safe.

    My last resort now is to use up my traditional paper supplies…and go digital. We can still use our Storybook software, save pages as .pdfs and upload them to print in any company’s albums or as a page.

    Sadly, this company has really missed out on a huge opportunity! It’s like a college grad getting his first job and being handed over 20 years of a retiring insurance agent’s customers–a silver platter of dedicated, long-term customers, and then never contacting them to see what their needs and wants are. If you don’t provide products and services that your customers want/own, you lose them. Simple Business 101.

    I’m sure consultants won’t like this post, as they are hoping for sales $…but this is the honest truth from a long-term CM customer.

    • DeAndra says:

      I very much agree with you! As an almost 20-year, loyal CM customer, I’m very saddened by the way they have treated their customers. Knowing they were going to end their support of their traditional line as well as their digital content, they willingly allowed us to continue purchasing digital content and software upgrades. Their lack of integrity sickens me and I will not support their new business model. They will not receive on more cent from me!

    • Christina says:

      I agree and I was a CM Consultant but I am not any more sense they changed from traditional scrapbooking to digital. I love my traditional scrapbooking.

    • Melody says:

      Like some of you I was having a hard time adjusting to the new CM. But I have been also sad that I never have enough time to get my traditional albums done! I just opened my shipment of Ahni & Zoe Preview products! Wow! I am VERY impressed! The albums are very beautiful and the products still have the high quality that CM has always offered! And now all their products are made in the USA!!! (Tape Runner made in Denmark)

      As I look at my new albums sitting in my lap I can’t wait to put an album together! I know I can put it together in at least two hours and there is no cookie cutters here…I still have the flexibility to customize the pages however I want. I will have 11 different predesigned packs of pages to choose from and I can mix those pages up however I want to!

      I was very surprised to count out the squares on the predesigned pages and see that one of these albums will hold 90 or more photos! Awesome!

      You can’t find the same quality of albums “out there” and the albums “out there” do not come with the AHNI & ZOE Happiness Guarantee! I am EXCITED!!!

      YPlease don’t judge INAWINK before it’s available! I don’t have an iPhone. I have an Android phone and I was at first feeling left out. BUT I do have an iPad and I can use the new app on it. I am looking forward to when the web app comes out in 2014 when this new app will be for EVERYBODY. I can wait to download it because I can’t wait to have my photos flagged and then have the prints come to my door so I can place them in one of AHNI & ZOE’s awesome albums!!!

      As a CM Consultant I was feeling bummed with the new directions the company was going but I am no longer feeling that way! Receiving my Preview shipping was like getting a wonderful Christmas gift!!! I am happy and excited again! Hats off to to AHNI & ZOE!!! It’s really true…don’t judge before you see it.

      INAWINK is for men and AHNI & ZOE is for men. It has not been said anywhere that men are not welcome. That’s a rumor that needs to be squashed right now. Men are welcomed to be consultants and they will have a huge market of men that is easier to reach then it would be for a women. And now a man can put a quality album together for a wife, mother or daughter and I know the receiver of that be sooooooo touched and soooooo impressed. Be sure to have a tissue ready for the happy tears!

      I am a believer and if I can help you with all the changes just contact me. I would love to share the happiness with you so you can share it with you family and friends! I can’t wait to get busy providing simpler solutions to honor people and to make sure every one is remembered. Life is Beautiful! Share it!

  13. Kim Littee says:

    Not really bothered about the App but what happened to creating your own albums. The best thing about CM was the albums, papers and software. By what I can see you get none of these from the new setup. I am a PicFolio devotee but don’t like the look of the Slide In version.

  14. Hi ladies, I can completely understand your frustration with CM. I have never been a huge fan of them, to me it seems like they just didn’t keep up with the trends. I have been a CTMH consultant for almost 4 years and love it. The company is very well run and debt free, as a matter of fact the former CM Australia and NZ contacted CTMH to form an alliance with them and they are all loving being a CTMH consultant. I see Ahni & Zoe start up fee is $139, it is only $49 for CTMH. Plus starting Nov 1st you will have a chance to get an additional $25 worth of free product!

  15. Toni K says:

    Sounds like the only people who like it are the consultants. Not sure why. I heard they have to pony up more money to continue to be consultants with the new CM. I have been a loyal CM customer for years. Not happy with the new CM.

    • DeAndra says:

      Have you looked into Panstoria? Apparently they have taken over the software management of MM and SBC and have a printing service. I’m going to investigate their services more. Sounds like CM is in trouble.

      • Dana says:

        Panstoria is actually the creator of the software that was licensed by CM to be used. They are now working with CM, all of us grateful consultants and customers so everyone can continue to use the software as well as print using their services. I have used them already and love it as well as CM!

    • NJB says:

      Sorry you are misinformed Toni. Consultants do not have to pony up more money to continue.

      • Louanna Wasson says:

        What about the new kit the consultants have to purchase?

      • jmasloski says:

        Current consultants can purchase the new kit for $79 through a certain date (I think it will be about 5 days), then it goes to $139, from what I understand. There may be one more step in there. I have not seen a content list of what you get for that amount, though I am still on the fence. I did a vendor show this past weekend. I took all of my old CM inventory and a copy of the new A&Z catalog I printed from online (google Ahni & Zoe catalog to find a link.) Several people who were completely intimidated or overwhelmed by CM said, “Oooh…I can do THAT!” Or “I have a whole bunch of that stuff I NEVER use, but THAT looks like something I could do.” Still considering which way to go….

      • jmasloski says:

        You DO always get way more inthe kit than you pay for.

      • NJB says:

        Current consultants are not required to purchase a new kit.

      • Alana says:

        The new kit is an option purchase. It includes the new marketing items and inventory examples at a reduced price. Consultants don’t need to buy it to remain a consultant.

  16. Teesi says:

    I think CM listened to the Consultants and Customers. Their mission was and IS getting pictures/stories into scrapbooks. The quality will continue to be there and even more so because they will be produced in house. 100% American made except with a little Danish thrown in (tape runner). They are not excluding anyone rather they are reaching out to all to get their stories in books faster. Sometimes it isn’t how much embellishing you can do on a page, but rather putting your pics down along with your journaling of the event/time. I am a traditional scrapper, but tend to get overwhelmed with all that is out there. This will help me refocus. I am an Android user, but I will print my pics locally until the app is available to me. It will give me time to use the new products. It all depends how you look at it, “glass half empty or glass half full”. I look forward to being a successful scrapper with my pics/stories in completed albums for my family to enjoy for years to come. I know that A&Z by Creative Memories will continue to be the quality and supportive scrapbook company it has always been. 25 years and going strong!

    • Lois DuBose says:

      Good reply Teesi! Ahni & Zoe has a bright future!
      Louanna Wasson, Consultants are not required to purchase a kit. It’s optional!!

  17. Louanna says:

    Good luck

  18. BevG says:

    Panstoria wrote the SBC and MM software and sold it exclusively to CM. Now that CM doesn’t want the softwares any more, Panstoria renamed them, added new features, lowered the prices, and is now selling directly to customers. They also added a printing service since CM digital customers are used to having that. So go support Panstoria.

  19. Theresa says:

    I have been scrapbooking since I was 13 years of age …. way before Creative Memories came into the market. I have used CM products since 1990 and I will use up what I have in reserve and move on to over the counter products. I feel the new albums do not allow me the option to include the memorabilia that I have always loved and continue to gather as I travel. I am not a fan of the new albums as they are no longer going to be of the high quality I have grown accustomed to. And quite frankly, with the cost of the new album covers and pages I think CM wants to obliterate the few people that might want to hang on for a few months. I have enjoyed the fellow scrappers during weekend retreats and events but this will be the demise of many of us hard core CM fans. I have enough albums to keep me busy for a long time but when those are all completed I will find something else of high quality and durability that is outside the CM family. As for digital, I am computer savvy enough to do my own designs online but it lacks the personal touch. And the online printing companies are way cheaper than what I have found with this group so…. good luck and farewell.

    • Leigh Stevens says:

      Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. I second exactly what you said.

    • Mary Harrington says:

      I Second you completely…after I use up all the old stuff I bought I will find a new company with white pages that I decorate myself (simply) and not the ugly busy preprinted ones they are offering…

    • Dana says:

      Without having held the albums in your hand, you cannot say the quality is not there. It is still the same guaranteed quality. The albums still afford the same space for scraps as in the past. The price is actually a bit less expensive than in the past and allows you to wallpaper and decorate them as always in the past. So sorry you feel that things are not going to be as great for you. I have been making albums longer than you, as I started in elementary school, and I have never had to replace a CM album as I have had to with other cheaper ones from the stores. Not to mention, the scrappers who come to my events and retreats, are super excited about the flexibility the new line of simplicity holds. There are more people out there who need help to make albums but have been overwhelmed at the arts and crafts style too many turned it into. Now they can do it, are excited about it and the rest of us will continue to support everyone! So sorry to see you go, but am excited there are 10x more new customers who need me.

    • lehuapischke says:

      Not sure why you think the new AZCM albums will be lower quality. That is the one thing that drew me to CM, is its high integrity album for the long-term preservation of our photos and memories. It is the only company that actually put their money where their mouth was in terms of LONG-TERM PRESERVATION of my photographs, which is what I cared MOST about. Because the industry they popularized became so huge, the industry became the tail that was wagging the dog and they couldn’t keep up (I think) with the competition of companies that serviced the greater population that tended to do decorative over long-term preservation. It became apples and oranges, and there weren’t enough pocketbooks from the high-integrity photo preservation people to sustain the company against competitors whose main purpose wasn’t to preserve our photographs.

      • Mark Mizen says:

        Comments like this baffle me. I never said anything about the quality of AZ albums, although I am not a fan of using coated paper for album covers. I simply questioned a business model based on direct sales with only an iPhone app. Look at the catalog and you will see what I mean.

      • Jill McLeester says:

        I find it strange that anyone would be able to support CM or AZCM at this point. The ethics and immoral activities of this company are so far from what it’s founders envisioned. Taking peoples’ retirement funds albeit legally proves to me there is no integrity with this company. If I had this information before I signed up shortly after the first bankruptcy I would not have even considered giving them any of my hard earned hours and dollars. I am thankful that I did join as I did gather a great group of friends around me. However now, we all have made the decision to not spend a dime with the new company. Quality has nothing at all to do with it but there are many reports that that quality is now in question from many quarters.

      • Louanna says:

        I agree completely. I cannot morally support this “new” company that has done so much wrong.

  20. jmasloski says:

    You can find the catalog here:
    I don’t have an i-phone and probably never will, but the people I spoke with who DO were totally excited about “inawink”, a free app that allows you to flag photos on your phone or even facebook and when you reach a certain number, they automatically print and show up in your mailbox (requires prepaid print plan and also works with ipad). If/when they have an android version, I would totally use it. I must admit that I am NOT excited about the predesigned pages, but I have talked to several that are. I had several cutomers that didn’t use CM albums because they only like 12×12 slide-in pages. A&Z does have the same great strap-hinge coversets and the straps are in the same place, so you can use them with pages you already have on hand or buy slide in pages that will fit in coverset you already have (I saw that as a +). I have not found any album I like as well & look-alike albums are not the same, I have so many customers who spent time and $ on albums just to have the pages fall out.

  21. Susie5491 says:

    Can I get the inawink app on my ipad?

  22. Lynn says:

    I think that Ahni & Zoe will be a great company. They are offering a way to preserve precious memories in a quick, simple & meaningful manner. Maybe now more people will take the plunge and actually get their photos of off their cameras and computers.

  23. Jean says:

    I’m told that our ‘old’ traditional scrapbooking is out of date. Sort of like the cassette tape and beta tapes. I have to disagree. I have used CM products for years and my favorites were their paper and punches. I too participate in retreats and if you take a look at Michaels/Joanns/AC Moore etc. I don’t think you see ‘traditional’ scrapping going away anytime soon. Sorry CM, traditional is the way for me and several of my friends. A & Z may be a great company but for a lot of us, it’s just not what we are looking for anymore.

  24. rozzy says:

    Ditto…it is all about money. Most people I know that are traditional are moving to CTMH. Friendships are made scrapbooking at crops and retreats. What do you call a crop for digitized scrapbookers? Just curious.

    • Jennifer says:

      Early in the process I checked out CTMH as an option to continue my business. They have lovely stuff..LOTS of it. I just don’t think I would ever really DO all that. Ahni & Zoe really fits my lifestyle and many of the people I know. To think that you could come to a crop and LEAVE WITH A COMPLETED ALBUM is really exciting to me! There are lots of people who can move that from their “should do” list to their “can do” list, and one less thing to feel guilty about not accomplishing because really anyone CAN do it. I do wish A & Z would offer blank pages, though. Maybe in time.

      I hold my retreats where there is free wi-fi, and several people bring their lap-tops (some traditional scrapbookers have their laptops as well because they are attached to their cricuts.)
      The really nice thing about digital with CM was the residual sales. Most of my digital people were pretty independant and just ordered from my website and the comission just went to my bank account. I am really going to miss those sales, but I’m really looking forward to inawink when it becomes available on the web.

    • Jackie says:

      So you don’t think CTMH is in business to make money?? That’s why everyone starts a business – hopefully to make a profit. Don’t kid yourself thinking CTMH is not. If you don’t like the new A&Z then that’s fine, it’s a free country so just move on.

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  26. Jett says:

    I am not a consultant so I feel I’m unbiased in sharing this info: they’re addressing these issues. They’re going to have it available on a PC (and I’m sure they’ve received feedback on getting it as an android app as well & are working on it). I have also done my research and Jennifer (who replied to #25) is spot on with everything she shared.

    In addition, they are using the same great products they did before–buffered, acid-free, lignin-free paper and PVC-free plastic page protectors–any album from them truly *is* archival quality and will last a life time (plus it’s all made in the United States, with the exception of the tape runner made in Denmark). I can testify that the Fuji Crystal Archive Prints they are using for InaWink is an excellent choice for photos. I printed some photos on Fuji paper, Kodak, and some cheap no-name 18 years ago. The Kodak and Fuji stood the test of time: still white on the edges and beautiful colors like the day they were printed.

  27. I am so diappointed to the CM change, there are so many customers that are not computer savoy. These same customers understand the simplicity of using tape, paper and stickers. For me it is relaxing. Unless something changes thanks for the memories.

    • Avid Scrapper says:

      This sounds like you think all they do is digital now, when in fact they don’t offer digital scrapbooking products at all anymore. This app is only about developing your digital photos, NOT scrapbooking them. While I am not happy about the “simplistic” form their traditional scrapbooking has taken, they definitely still offer traditional scrapbooking products.

  28. Jackie says:

    I just don’t get it … the new A&Z is STILL offering traditional scrapbook supplies. I’ve done traditional for years and don’t plan to give it up. However, I have also done a little digital, too. These companies ALL have to keep up with the changes that only naturally take place over time or they will go out of business. Here, here to free enterprise and a country that promotes such opportunities!! There’s plenty of room for all the various types of scrapbooking. And I have been to plenty retreats where the traditional scrappers sit right next to the digital scrappers and have made plenty of friends from both sides of the “page”!

  29. What are the traditional scrapbook items being offered in Ahni&Zoe?

    • Avid Scrapper says:

      They offer albums with pre-decorated pages, side-loading pages, refill pages, Picfolio-type albums, tape runners, pens, and pre-cut decorative papers (like the old Milestones kits) to put in the Picfolio-type albums. I’m sure there’s a few more things too, but I can’t think of them off-hand.

  30. Caeles says:

    I recently went to a scrapbook retreat sponsored by CM constultants(but not strictly CM products). I looked at the new A&Z line and they are locking you into VERY specific layouts.
    What if I don’t have two vertical photos and one horizontal photo for that layout? What if I want to put 3 horizontal photos together? Digital albums start this way but you have the flexibility to change the layouts.

    I do love the idea of pre-designed pages. I put together a CM pet themed album that came with pre-decorated pages and coordinating stickers. Brilliant! I want to see more of these (but maybe not at $80 retail! For an 8×8 album).
    I hope Ahni & Zoe can figure this out!

  31. A Davis says:

    The only thing I ever ordered from Creative Memories was the albums, pages and page protectors!! I HATE predesigned pages and I DO NOT WANT to design books on line! I want what I always ordered. I want to do my pages the way I want and how I want! and I don’t like any of the albums in the stores! Please bring back the items that I like!

  32. Deryck says:

    I’m a guy who likes scrapbooking. I have tons of photos (mostly from Scouting events) that I want preserved and shared in book form. Right from the beginning, finding “guy” stuff has been pretty hard. I get it: most scrapbookers are women, but enough with the cutesy names. Stop cutting (pun intended) half the population out. Also, my wife was a CMC for years, and I was frustrated for her for a number of reasons, but this new reinvention is doomed. I don’t have an iPhone, nor does my wife. All I can say is good luck.

    • Jen says:

      Check out A & Z albu,m “You Better Beleaf It” -love the nature theme and natural color scheme. “White Out” is also not feminine (all black and white).

  33. Do they offer plain black 12×12 pages? I need a refill.

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  35. Luv2crop says:

    I give them a year tops. So disappointed in how they sacrficed quality to float this new company. Excited to read about Rhonda Anderson hopefully bringing back quality scrapbooks in the new traditional scrapbook line with Heritage Makers/Youngevity!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I have been a consultant for 8 years and I am very disapointed with the new company, starting from the new not businesswise name. I do not like predesigned pages, but I am introducing it to my customers and we will embelish them. You can not use the CCS, always have to use the 4X6 photo. In the pages there is also to much white and blank space without use. I will still sell my $250 minimum every six months because I love the albums and pages system. The catalogs are not well presented, many photos of people I do not know so not interested in seeing them. Instead they should have presented more & bigger the pages, or if using photos present them in a page. I hope they can improve, but…

  36. Lee oxford says:

    You need to read Lean Startup and learn what an MVP is. Not a good idea to come out of the gate with every platform, every bell and whistle. It multiplies the variables and thus potential problems with a new product offering. They are smart doing it this way even though a big portion of the population has to wait to be served.

    • Mark Mizen says:

      I have read Eric Reis’ Lean Startup and agree that the concepts are relevant to Creative Memories’ launch of Ahni and Zoe. What I do not agree with is that an iOS app represents a minimal viable product (MVP), given Ahni and Zoe’s plan for direct sales. The problem is that for direct sales, a product must work with for essentially all customers. If it does not, the group sales situation changes from a discussion of the features and benefits of a product to a discussion of why the product won’t work for some customers, If Ahni and Zoe had a way to target only iPhone and iPad users I would agree with their approach. Unfortunately, they do not and their strategy will prove ineffective. Note, this discussion is purely academic, since Ahni and Zoe have so far proven unable to introduce even the iOS app.

  37. Missy says:

    Ahni & Zoe is now being sold to investors in Hong Kong but will still be based in St. Cloud in a different arena. They are no longer going the party plan route but are working on finding a way to offer the same quality merchandise with a way for consultants to make money. (paraphrased and loaded with a bit of sarcasm). Don’t run out just yet, they say. Wait to see what the future holds. Just fyi.

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