Print me a pizza

smrc-3d-printer-schematicpepperoni_pizzaNASA, originator of the manned mission to the moon, the space shuttle, and the Mars rover, is now developing a printer to produce food, with pizza their first project. Their goal is to take all the constituents that make up pizza and combine them in the right proportions with a 3D printer to produce pizza. NASA has not released information on the related beer printer project. NASA has also not explained why it is easier to take all the chemicals into space, instead of just taking pizza.

Actually, I am not sure I want my food reconstituted from multiple piles of mush. It just doesn’t sound very appetizing. By the way, how do they get the mush that they are going to convert to pizza, in the first place. To me, the entire process sounds too much like reverse vomit.

NASA is not joking, although it certainly would have been a good new release for April 1. I also checked and the article did not originate in The Onion.

For more information on this exciting project see NASA investing in 3-D food printer for astronauts and Nasa funds 3d food printer.

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One Response to Print me a pizza

  1. Louanna says:

    ANOTHER waste of my tax dollars!

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