Turn Down the Thermostat and Finish a Photo Book

heartwarming-stories-278x22A recent Discovery News article on Heartwarming Memories contains the surprising conclusion that remembering the past will actually make you feel warmer. This study on Heartwarming Memories: Nostalgia Maintains Physiological Comfort found that volunteers felt more nostalgic when room temperature was 68°F than when it was 75 or 82°F. In addition, a 60°F room felt warmer when participants were asked to think about nostalgic events. The study did not attempt to link completed photo books to climate, but I suspect there is a link there, as well.

So, the next time my wife feels cold I am going to break out the photo books. I will also give her a blanket.

About Mark Mizen

At Creative Memories, I evaluate photographic products and related materials so that today's memories are not lost to the future and then communicate this information to Creative Memories Consultants and their customers. My interests extend from preservation of traditional photographs to the production of photo books to the expected longevity of electronic image files. My long-term objective is to direct the development of technology that meets consumers needs for high-quality products.
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